Brunswick, Virginia, USA 1
Sep 1977 2

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Lelia Catherine Edenbeck Gray 3
Also known as:
Lelia Edenbeck 3
Full Name:
Lelia Gray 2
Brunswick, Virginia, USA 1
Female 1
04 Oct 1877 2
Sep 1977 2
Last Residence: Danville, VA 2
Mother: Sarah Ann Tudor 1
Father: Charles Robert Edenbeck 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Virginia 2
Social Security Number: ***-**-3679 2

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Born in Brunswick, Virginia, United States

Brunswick, Virginia, United States

Lelia Catherine Edenbeck was born in Brunswick, Virginia, United States. Her mother Sarah Tudor grew up nearby in Mecklenburg, VA.

Lelia & Mattie marry Gray brothers

Mecklenburg, Virginia, United States

Alginon Gray's family

Sarah Ann Tudor married Wyatt Floyd. Wyatt died in the Spotsylvania Courthouse battle, in Virginia and is buried in the Spotsylvania Virginia Confederate cemetery. Sarah & Wyatt had a daughter named Mattie Floyd who married Charles Gray. Sarah Tudor then married Charles Edenbeck and had a daughter named Lelia. Then Sarah died in 1881. Lelia went to live with Charles Gray and her sister Mattie Floyd. Lelia married Thomas Gray abt 1897. The Gray's were moving from Mecklenburg to Danville, Virginia during that time period, so not sure yet which place they were married at. I did not see a marriage record for them in the Danville records, but records weren't required to be kept in either locality in that time period.

So sisters Mattie & Lelia married brothers Charles & Thomas Gray. See the picture of the 6 men under Thomas Gray's Footnote page & atttached. Lelia's husband Thomas Gray is in the top middle. Mattie's husband Charles (I believe) is either top left or bottom middle. Still trying to find family to help me get a better ID. I believe this picture was taken at the funeral of my gr. grandfather Alginon Gray in Oct 1912. And the men are Alginon's brothers or brother-in-laws, except the top right, which is his son-in-law George B. Stowe.

Sources for this posting include: Census, obits and family letters.

son Marvin Meachum Gray

Danville, Virginia, United States

Gray, Marvin Meachum.jpg

On the Cemetery notes, it says Marvin died of knife wounds. I had a note from my gr. grandma that Marvin was killed. So I looked in the newspaper & found some articles about it in the Danville Bee newspaper. I imagine it was a very difficult time for the family. I did a check, and the guy who killed Marvin was out of prison just a yearlater, and within weeks killed someone else.

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