Parker family of Texas

Parker family of Texas


researching my family trying to find connections and answers........

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where the heck are they?

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where the heck are my long lost family members? I have been researching my family for over 2 years now. Why can'y i seem to get past my greatgrandpa? It is like no one knows anything about our line of parker's. I know that people know or something somewhere but no one is talking. This makes it tough for me. my greatgrandfather was ben parker born 1856 in texas. No one knows of the woman he had relations with nancy eliabeth payne. They did have children and my grandfather was one of them. john wilson parker b. 1896 crockett texas and died 1973 in houston texas. Funny that his brother's children were born crockett and lived there too.You would think people would know of us and I know they do because my granpa was in a group photo hanging at fort parker years ago. So the research seems never ending for now.

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