My Genealogical Inspiration

My Genealogical Inspiration


Remembering the greatest female influence of my life - and the gift she unknowingly left me.

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    History was always my favourite subject. As the years pass I remember fewer and fewer details of my early school days - except for those projects that dealt with history! Perhaps the most memorable was a family tree project when I was in Grade 6. I recall at the time sitting down with my family - Mum, Dad and especially my maternal grandmother (who I referred to as "Nanny"). Throughout my childhood Nanny shared stories of her family from "back east", or St. Stephen, New Brunswick to be precise. I remember thinking at the time my father's side of the family seemed somewhat "blank" in comparison to my mother's. Never at any time while gaining this important oral history was I motivated to consider putting pen to paper. Even years later as a teenager when I discovered the bombshell revelation that my father's surname was "assumed", I never considered seeking out the true family tree. But in 1990 something happened which would change all that.

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