My Quaker Relatives

My Quaker Relatives


only one of the many migrations of Quakers from New England, to North Carolina, South Carolina, etc,, and over the pass to Kentucky and up to Ohio, Indiana and beyond.

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Who Came First: Hawkins, Johnson, Hussey, Comer?

  • Deal England, Ship Welcome

The ship, Welcome sailed from Deal, England on 31 August 1682. It arrived at the mouth of the Delaware river [New Castle] on f27 October 1682. It latr anchored at Chester, PA [on 28 October] William Penn and friends went to Philadelphia after this.The ship's master was Robert Greenway. The original passenger list was lost, but research was done to give an idea of the people who may have been on the shilp with Mr. Penn. Here is a list of possible passengers. "proven" according to the Welcome Claimants. John Barber, Shipley, Essex; possibly died on the voyage Elizabeth Barber, his wife William Buckman, born circa; 1650 at or near Ballinghurst, Sussex Sarah Buckman, his wife Sarah Buckman, his daughter Mary Buckman, his daughter Joan Buckman, his mother Ruth Buckman, his sister Edward Buckman, his brother Thomas Buckman, his brother Thomas Fitzwater Mary Fitzwater, wife of Thomas Fitzwater, died on voyage Thomas Fitzwater, son of Thomas Fitzwater George Fitzwater, son of Thomas Fitzwater Josiah Fitzwater, son of Thomas Fitzwater, died on voyage Mary Fitzwater, daughter of Thomas Fitzwater, died on voyage Thomas Gillett Bartholomew Green, Servant to Richard Townsend, see passenger #52 Nathaniel Harrison, servant to Richard Townsend, see passenger #52 Jeffrey Hawkins Dorothy Hawkins, his wife, Roger Hawkins, their son James Hawkins, thir son Daniel h\Hawkins, their son Jeffrey Hawkins, thir son Susanna Hawkins, their daughter Elizabeth Hawkins, their daugihter Thomas Heriott, of Sussex, died on voyage. Richard Ingelo Isaac Ingram of Gatton,Surrey, died on voyage Thomas Jones, servantof DennisRochfordsee passenger 41 William Lushington Jeane Matthews, servant of Dennis Rochford, see passenger 41 Hannah Mogeridge, srvantof John Rowland, see passenger 45 Joshua Morris David Ogden, Born 1655 John Ottey Eleanor Pain William Penn, Founder of Pennsylvania James Portiff Dennis Rochford, born in Enniscorthy, Wexford, Ireland 1647 Mary Rochford, 2nd wife of Dennis Rochford Mary Rochford, thir daughter, did on voyge Grace Rochford, daughter of Dennis and his 1st wife, died on voyage John Rowland, of Sussex Priscilla Rowland, wife of John Thomas Rowland, brother of John William Smith John Snasfold John Songhurst, of Sussex, father of Elizabeth Barber, passenger #2 George thompson Richard Townsend Ann Townsend, wife of Richard James Townsend, their child born on the Welcome Hannah Townsend, Richard's daughter William Wade, sussex, died on voyag Zachariah Whitpaine Joseph Woodrooffe Thomas Wynne, of Wales Additional Possible Passengers Thomas Buckman, son of William Buckman, see passenger 3 Hannah Ogden, sistr of David see passenger 36 Sarah Ogden, sister of David Mary Songhurst, wife of John see paasenger 50 Sarah Sonhurst, their daughter John Songhurst, their son ----------------------------- Sources/Resources Tepper, Michael [editor], New World Immigrants: a Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists and Associated Data from Perodical Literature [Baltimore: Genealogical Publishin Company, 1979]. McCracken, George E., The Welcome Claimants Proved, Disproved andDoubtful with an Account of Some of their Dscendants [Baltimore: Genealogical PublishingCompany, 1970]; Uses extensive research to prove ordisprove claims as to who was on the ship Welcome with William Penn. ---------- The Hawkins family came from Norton-=Bavant, Wiltshir, Engand. Thi9s was proven by Lewis Johns and info should be on record at the Wayne County Genealogical Society, Richmond, Indiana. Lewis was kind enough to share some of his info with me, a kind man. The Hawkins family were a prosperous and numerous family who came to Richmond, Wayne, Indiana, after making stops in PA, SC and Ohio. A quick brief on the family: Jeffrey Hawkins md Dorothy Mattock ca 1660/1662 their oldest son, James married Mary Elliot 1704 Their son John married Mary [Molly} Moore 1768 Their daiughter Martha Married Robert Comer 9 Nov 1797 in Orange, NC Their daughter Mary Comer married Charles Johnson Their daughter Betsy Ann Johnson married Enoch M. Marshall. Betsy was dis. for mou. These were my gg grandparents. The Quaker line ended with Betsy. In early 1900 my grandmother tried to get the family back into the chuch. No doubt Husband won out. Love the Quakers for their good records for us to search.

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