My Familys' Branches

My Familys' Branches


Hello and thank you for viewing my story page, my name is Kimberly A Kittell, and I have been reseaching Genealogy off and on for about 10 years now. I am a mother of 3 children, born and raised in New Jersey. I have always been a curious child, always asking questions,who- what- when- where and the why's. And I have always enjoyed puzzles, and currently still do, this is the best challenge yet, finding out where my family derived from, so here I am looking and trying to answer the questions of the who- what- when- where and why's. Currently I am working on my Husband's line the surname is KITTELL I have gathered some information on them Most of husbands family I see were from Upstate NY,tracing back to RI. FAIRCHILD(is my maiden name) and I am currently trying to trace backwards this line, so far I have gotten as far as Upstate NY with this line. I am stuck at ( HENRY P FAIRCHILD) Eventually I will incorparate my Irish, Italian and German roots and finish up with my Mayflower Ancestry... I have quite a diverse back ground as you can see.. I am ENGLISH-SCOT-WELSH-IRISH-ITALIAN-GERMAN-SWED-DENMARK to name a few, if that is not enough for you... So you see I will be quite busy here, chasing down all these lines... Well have to go here and get busy serching...thanks for stopping well and take care..and Good luck on your researching! Kim Kittell

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Harold David Kittell

  • New York

Well this is my husband's grandfather, his mother and father are Walter D Kittell and Ruth L Shaffer( Kittell), I found a WW1 registration card with his information at the time he was living in Resslear County, NY. I know he married Alice Lawton, by family accounts, and had 2 children, Hazel and Ralph. I have found them on a 1930 NJ Census stating they lived in Newark, NJ.

It also states Harold and Alice were both 30, and they married at age 21. My Aunt Hazel was 7 my father in law Ralph 5.

Searching for his marriage record and death record, it seems he has vanished off the earth,but I know I will uncover something.

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