John Kennedy Horn , Sr.

John Kennedy Horn , Sr.


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John K. Horn Sr. and Sarah Gandy's Family

  • Georgia, Mississippi

** John Kennedy Horn, Sr.  born 1809 in Georgia died 1899 in Jasper Co., GA. and married Sarah Gandy born 1815 in Simpson Co. MS. died 1890 in Jasper Co. Ga.**

Their children:

1. John Kennedy Horn,Jr. born Aug. 16, 1834 in Newton Co MS. died Feb. 7,1897 in Newton Co., MS. married 1856 to Sarah Emma Dearing.

2.James Wesley Horn born July 24, 1836 in MS. died 1925 MS. married Rachael Hall Wall.

3. Elias W. Horn born Dec. 13, 1839 in Newton Co. MS. died 1915 in Crocketts Bluff, Alaska  married in 1869 to Macephus May McGee.

4. Mary Elizabeth Horn born 1841 in MS. died 1906 Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee married in 1859 to John Pleasant Wall.

5. Neeham E. John Horn born 1844 died 1844..

6. Alfred Horn born 1845 died 1846

7. Antoinette Pinkie Horn born 1847 MS. died 1908 in MS.

8. Almeda Horn born 1850 MS. died 1850 MS.

9. Mary Frances Horn born 1853 died 1930 married James Appleton McGee

10. Martha Ann Horn born 1857 in MS. died 1931 in MS. married Michael Oates

11. Robert Jones Horn born 1857 Ms. died 1936 MS. married in 1883 to Safronia Alice Risher.

12.Walter Dalton Horn born 1863 MS. died 1957 in MS. married Corine Alice McBay.

John Kennedy Horn, Sr. son of Needham Horn and Martha Cannedy Horn..

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