Family Of Benjamin Franklin Thurman

Family Of Benjamin Franklin Thurman


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Benjamin Franklin Thurman and Julia Shumate

  • South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia

Benjamin Franklin Thurman born 1755 in Halifax, Virginia died 1840 in Atlanta, Georgia , son of John Thurman and Mary Cook, married Julia Shumate born Nov. 15, 1755 Anderson, South Carolina died 1846 in Chesterfield, South Carolina.

Children :

1. PATSY THURMAN born Chesterfield,South Carolina married SHERROD H.HORN

2. John Thurman born 1776 Chesterfield, South Carolina married Annie Perkins

3. Frances Thurman born 1780 Chesterfield, South Carolina married Major Gregg

4. Elizabeth Thurman born 1784 Chesterfield,South Carolina married Theophilis Oppie Rayfield.

5.Nancy Thurman born 1785 in Chesterfield,South Carolina married in 1809 to William Massey

6. Richard Thurman born 1787 Chesterfield, S.C. died 1857 in Carroll,Georgia married to Nancy Little.

7.Julia Thurman born 1795 Chesterfield, S.C. died 1877 in Chesterfield,S.C. married in 1814 to William Davis.

8. David Thurmond born May 6, 1786 Chesterfield,S.C. died July 12, 1835 in DeKalb, Georgia married in 1816 to Lavinia Mann

9. Ann Frank Thurmond born 1798 Chesterfield,S.C.

10. Moses Thurmond born 1800 Chesterfield,S.C. died 1825 Chesterfield,S.C.

11. Phillip Thurmond born 1802 Chesterfield,S.C. married Elizabeth Pleasant

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