Martin R. Packston/Paxton

Martin R. Packston/Paxton


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  • Georgia

** Martin R. Paxton 3rd Lieutenant**

** 8th Battalion,Georgia Infantry Company G**

** 8th Infantry Battalion was organized with six companies during the early spring of 1862 at Savannah, Georgia. Some of the men were from Adairsville and Thornburgh, and Gordon County. For a time the unit served in the Dept. of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, then it was assigned to Gist's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. After the operations in North Mississippi, it fought with the army  from Chickamauga to Nashville and ended the war in North Carolina. This battalion contained 232 men and 183 arms in Dec. 1863 and was included in the surrender on April 26, 1865. The field officers were Lt. Col. Asahel Littlefield and Lt. Col. Leroy Napier,Jr.  J.T. Reid, and Zachariah L. Watters; and Majors John W. Gray, B.F. Hunt, and Edward F. Morgan.**

** A federal senate resolution on Dec. 8, 1882, called for a listing of pensioners. The list was published in volume five of the Executive Documents, Senate Of The United States for the Second Session of the Forty-Seventh Congress, 1882-1883(5 volumes Washington, Government Printing Office) and contains the name of each pensioner the cause for which pensioned, the post-office address, the rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance. The List Of Pensioners on the Roll, Jan. 1, 1883 for Pickens Co. is located on page 206**

** 9,176  Paxton, Martin R.    Long Swamp    Chronic Rheum.  $18.00**

Also in the 1880 Pickens Georgia Census of Grassy Knob

Martin R. Packston  Self  W  Male  W  76  GA  Farmer     Va.  Va.

Lucinda E. Packston  Dau. S  Female  43  GA  Keeping house   GA.  GA

Harriet E. Packston Dau. W Female 51  GA  No Occupation  GA.  GA.

Harriet  E. Packston/Paxton was the second wife of my GGGrandfather John B. Banister.

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