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Charles Louis Eckert

  • Missouri, Germany

** My Father Charles Louis Eckert, born Feb. 26, 1907 in St. Louis, Mo. died May 15th, 1978  in St. Louis Mo., son of Henry Louis Eckert born 1863 St. Louis, Mo. died Feb. 11th, 1936, St. Louis Mo. married Anna Fredricka Wilhelmina Hartmann born Feb. 14, 1874 Mo. died Sept. 4, 1958 in St. Louis,Mo.**

** Parents of Henry Louis Eckert were Anton Eckert born 1819 Baden,Germany and married Marie Catherine Wilhelmina Friederick born 1825 Germany and died St. Louis Missouri.**

Parents of Anna Fredrecka Wilhelmina Hartmann were Gootlieb Heinriech Hartmann  born 1846 Germany died 1908 in St. Louis Mo. married Marie Elizabeth Hanebaum Buescher born 1849 Parish Buer,Germany died 1930 in St. Louis Missouri

Parents of Gootlieb H. Hartmann were Friedrick Hartmann born 1810 Germany died 1866 St. Louis Mo. married Anna ???? born 1815 Germany.

Parents of Marie Elizabeth Hanebaum Buescher were Friedrich Wilhelm Hanebaum Buescher born 1804 Tittingdorf, Germany  died 1877  married Clara Elizabeth Vornheder born 1822 Tittingdorf,Germany died 1895 Osnabruck, Germany.     Friedrich Wilhelm Hanebaum also was married to Catherine Clara Benne nee Buscher..

Parents of Friedrich Wilhelm Hanebaum were Friedrich Wilhelm Hanebaum and Catharine Ilsabe Deckreck of Tittingdorf..

Parents of Catharina Clara Benne nee Buscher were Caspar Heinrich Benne,farmer at Eicken Of Parish Melle and Clare Marie Bose (Boese)

Parents of Clara Elizabeth  Vornheder were Friedrich Wilhelm Vornheder and Margaret Marie Bucker of Tittingdorf Germany...

Children of first wife Catherine Clara Benne were Jurgen Ernst and Jasper Heinrich born 1838 Germany

Children of second wife Catherine Elisabeth Vornheder were Jon. Freidrich 1846 in Germany  , Marie Elisabeth born Nov. 29, 1849 Confirmed 1864, Katharine Louisa born 1853 in Germany...

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