Hubert "Hube" Hadley was a professional baseball player and roller skater who was born in Rochester, Michigan.

21 Nov 1878 1
Rochester, Oakland, Michigan 1
20 Dec 1929 1
Detroit, Wayne, Michigan 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Hubert Philip Hadley 1
Also known as:
Hube Hadley 1
21 Nov 1878 1
Rochester, Oakland, Michigan 1
Male 1
20 Dec 1929 1
Detroit, Wayne, Michigan 1
Burial Place: Mount Avon Cemetery, Rochester, Oakland, Michigan 1
Mother: Belle Marion Horn 1
Father: Jacob Hadley 1
Baseball player 1

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Hubert Hadley Dies in Detroit

Rochester, MI

Rochester Clarion [Rochester, Oakland, Michigan], December 27, 1929, p.1:


Three Days Illness Carries Off Well Known Business Man

After a three-days illness, Hubert Hadley, well known Rochester professional baseball player and expert roller skater, died at the home of his uncle, James W. Horn, Arcadia avenue, Detroit, Friday.

Mr. Hadley, a bachelor, was engaged in the coal and chain store business in Detroit. He was born in Rochester, Nov. 21, 1878, and became interested in athletics at an early age. Later he played on the Dubuque, Iowa, team and played for several years on a professional team in Flint.  He also toured the country as a roller skating star.

He is survived by a brother, Marshall, of Detroit, two aunts, Mrs. Belle Butts and Mrs. Mary E. Youngs, of Rochester.

The funeral was held Sunday from the A.C. Hobart chapel, service being conducted by Rev. C. D. Oberlin with burial in the Rochester cemetery.

Hubert Hadley's baseball teams

Hubert Hadley played for the following teams:

Dubuque Shamrocks [Dubuque, IA] / Illinois-lndiana-Iowa League, 1904-1906

Terre Haute Hottentots [Terre Haute, IN] / Central League, 1907

Dubuque Dubs [Dubuque, IA] / Illinois-Indiana-Iowa League, 1907

Flint Vehicles [Flint, MI] / Southern Michigan League, 1908

Evansville River Rats [Evansville, IN] / Central League, 1910

Evansville Strikers/South Bend Bux [IN] / Central League, 1911

South Bend Benders/Grand Rapids Grads [IN, MI] / Central League, 1911

Grand Rapids Black Sox [Grand Rapids, MI] / Central League, 1912

Madison Senators [Madison, WI] / Wisconsin-Illinois League, 1913

St. Thomas Saints [Ontario] / Canadian League, 1914-1915

Hubert Hadley, Boy Roller Skater

Rochester, MI

Rochester Era [Rochester, Oakland, Michigan], March 13, 1885:

Master Hube Hadley of this village, six years of age, has been secured by the Detroit Skating Combination to travel the circuit, commencing at Detroit, where he as been attracting immense houses. He is a little wonder on wheels, and is bound to draw.  His mother accompanies him and they get $75 and board for one month, refusing to take longer contracts at that price.

Hubert Hadley, Rochester's Star Baseball Player

Rochester, MI

Rochester Era [Rochester, Oakland, Michigan], April 7, 1911:

Hubert Hadley, Rochester's star baseball player and its only contribution to professional ranks, signed a contract recently under which he will play the short-stop position for Manager Grant of the Evansville, Ind., Central league club the coming season and left last week to report for spring training.  This is his second season with Evansville. He finished last season batting around .250 and is one of the fastest infielders in the league, considered far and wide as a star of the minor league variety.  Hadley has any number of admirers in the Indiana city who are constantly pulling to get him a berth in the big leagues.  During the Detroit Tigers' training camp last spring, a couple of games were played with Evansville. Hube on short, pulled off several sensational plays and showed up exceptionally well, receiving much comment in Detroit papers.  During the past season several major league scouts looked Hube over and it is rumored that at present the Boston Red Sox have a string tied to him.

Hadley has played with the following teams during his career as a "prof." which he began with Port Huron, when but 19 yers old: Dubuque, Ia., of the Three-l league; Terre Haute, Ind., of the Central league and Flint in the South Michigan.  He was with each club for one or two seasons, playing either short or second base.  He was also a star on the local high school team during his school life.

After the Central league closed last fall, Hadley played short on the Rochester Independents for several games and proved a good drawing card, fans coming from all the surrounding towns to see Hube in action. The Evansville fans dubbed Hube "Hans Wagner" last year.   In fact, Hube, when in uniform, looks very much like the "Demon Dutchman."

Hube expects to play better ball this year than ever before and who knows but Hube wiwll be playing "Honus'" position for the Pirates when Mr. Wagner is gone and forgotten.

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