Descendants of Lewis Sandlin and Sarah Cannedy

Descendants of Lewis Sandlin and Sarah Cannedy


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Children of Lewis and Sarah Cannedy Sandlin

  • South Carolina, Kentucky

**  Lewis A. Sandlin born 1775 Kings Creek, York Co. South Carolina died June 6, 1853 Clay Co. Kentucky   married Sarah Cannedy, daughter of John Cannedy and Ann ??? Cannedy, born 1777 Darlington, South Carolina  died Dec. 4th, 1854 Clay Co. Kentucky.    Their marriage date: March 16, 1798 York Co. South Carolina.    Parents of Lewis Sandlin were William Sandlin and Massey Green..**


** 1. James Sandlin born 1798  York South Carolina died 1869 Owsley Kentucky married Zilphy Baker.**

** 2. Margaret Elizabeth Sandlin  born 1799  S.C.  died 1852 Green Hall, Ky. married William A. Morris.**

** 3. Elizabeth Jane "Betsey" Sandlin born 1801 S.C.  died Chariton Co. Mo. married David McCollum**

** 4.Sarah Sandlin born 1802 S.C. died 1875  Ky.  married Phillip Wild.**

** 5. Martha Sandlin born 1803 North Carolina died 1864 Grundy Co. Missouri married Belitha Gentry.**

** 6. Lewis Sandlin born 1808 North Carolina  died 1875 Boone Co. Indiana married Martha Patsy Anglin.**

** 7. William Sandlin born 1809 North Carolina  died Poweshiek Co. Iowa married Rebecca Anglin.**

** 8. Nancy Jane Sandlin born 1810 North Carolina  died  ???  married Adoniram "Niram" Baker**

** 9. Ezekiel Sandlin born 1815 Clay Co. Ky.  died 1859 Owsley Co. Ky. married Sarah "Sally" Clark**

10. Kennedy Sandlin born 1819 North Carolina  died 1900 Madison,Ky. married Frances "Fannie" Morris.

11. Jane "Jenny" Sandlin born 1821 Clay Co. Ky. died 1912 Sand Gap, Ky.married Vincent William Morris.

12. John Kennedy Sandlin born 1824 Clay Co. Ky. died 1904 Clay Co. Ky. married Martha  Ponder, Jennie Brewster West, Annie Murral Robinson..

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