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Andrew Martin Glahn was the only son of Joseph Glahn and Susan Louisa Eisele. He was born at Westport, Missouri on October 24, 1861. When he was but two and a half years old, his father, Joseph was bushwhacked at Virginia City, Montana. After Joseph’s death, Andrew’s mother, Susan, remarried, and Andrew was raised with his half brothers and sisters. There seems to be no information regarding what age he was when he struck out on his own, but it appears he was in California with his new family until he came with them to Idaho, as evidenced by the death of his half sister, Elma May, in 1883. At some point in his travels, he was to meet his future bride, Mamie Hauk, who was born in Westport, Missouri. His trail is dimmed by time, until we find him September 12, 1898, in Quartzburg, Idaho, where he wrote to his future bride. “9 years is a long time to stay in one place. I could not sit down and figer up the diferant jobs and diferant places I have bin.” The letter stated that he was boarding at Six dollars per week, and that he had a single room, for which he was paying a dollar fifty per month. He was working in a mine, and was paid three dollars per day. “That is miners wages” He said he was working in the “Ioway” mine. “There is a tunnel on this mine that is 1,000 feet long. Then there is a station or room cut out in solid rock, and in that room, there is an engine for hoisting purposes. There is a shaft which goes down 112 feet, then there is a ‘drift’ run off 200 feet. From where I work to the surface is 650 feet.” Everything is pretty high here. Meals single or other than by the week are fifty cents. Beds are also fifty cents. Provisions can be gotten here cheap by ordering from Boise City. About the country, he ad the following to say: It is a beautiful country in summer. There is no healthier place in the world. It is a timbered country consisting of Fir, Spruce, and Pine. It is in a basin hemmed in by mountains. The snowfall is about four feet on the level in the winter. The mail is brought in by Stage in the summer time, and by Sleighs in the winter. It leaves Boise City in the morning and gets here in the evening. It is 55 miles to Boise City. Quartzburg is about 100 inhabitants. It is about one and a half miles to Garnet Town, about the size of this place. It is about three miles over to Placerville, which has about 400 inhabitants. Eight miles to Centerville, about the size of Placerville. 18 miles to Idaho City, the County seat of Boise County. It is about 18 miles to Garden Valley, a farming community, lying on the Payette River. Other places adjacent are Hogam, Sweet Jerusalem, and Horseshoe Bend. At Placerville they have put in a big dredge boat to work Placer ground. “I suppose it has cost over $100,000. At Centerville there is a large dredge boat being built. This machinery is to be run by electricity. There has been an electric plant built up on Moore’s creek this summer. This is an old country, but still in its infancy. This country has been mined since the 1860’s and many of the old log cabins that were put up in ’63 to ’65 are still standing. The country looks old and ancient, and the people are old and ancient, too. I never saw so many old Ivory-haired people in my life, from 65 to 95 years of age, and hale and hearty looking old people. The old gentleman that owns this mine where I am working is over 80 years old, and still he will get out and do a whole lot of work. I like this place, and it agrees with me. I weigh 170 pounds, and never felt better in my life. How would you like to give up city life for frontier life in Idaho?

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