Notes from an Iowa Farmer [1902-1915]

Notes from an Iowa Farmer [1902-1915]


A notebook belonging to my great-grandfather, Charles H. Rampton of Dysart, Iowa

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Here are the notes written down by Charles H. Rampton in small notebook:

Grandpa R [Rampton] was footman at Hackwood aristocratic mansion S.E. of London.  Wife was a servant there before marriage.  (This refers to Anthony Rampton and Mary Ash)

Hackwood House. Originally built for the lst Duke of Bolton, the house consisted of a central block facing south, with detached flanking wings on the north side. This house still exists within the present larger structure and was probably brick with stone dressings. Extensive alterations in 1807 included flanking pavilions to the south front an a new north front. Interior contains fine panelling. O.S.A. No. SU64 NW6. Ref: 1. V.C.H., Vol. 4, pp.115, 122, 125. Ref: 2. Buildings of England; Hants. and I.O.W., (Pevsner and Lloyd), p.261.

Edmond Rampton: Born Dec 19, 1829 England   Came to Pontiac, Troy County, Michigan June 1848.  He and Anthony (brother) went to Iowa .....   1854 moved to Iowa 1856.  Back to Michigan, married my mother (Mary Jane Elliott) 1858.  Died April 17, 1899

Mary Jane Elliott Rampton: Born N.Y. Feb 28, 1836.  Her mother (Lucena Swet) died when she was a small child.  Her father married Catherine (Mary Catherine Smith) and they moved to Michigan.  Died April 28, 1899.  Father's death killed my mother in 11 days.  My mother's grandfather saw George Washington as school boy.  Passed school house Teacher got children on their knees as passed.

Grandpa Anthony Rampton: Born England 1790.  Died Iowa May 6, 1878

Grandma Rampton: Born England 1796.  Died Iowa April 19, 1871

Grandpa Warren Elliott: Born N.Y. State April 11, 1813.  Died Iowa Aug 17, 1882.

Lusena Swet - Feb 1813.  Died N.Y. State 1841.  Married Jan (?) 1835

Brother Frank W. Rampton: Born May 8, 1839.  Died Aug 19, 1929

Sister Mary L. Rampton: Born Aug 3, 1861.  Killed Nov 19, 1914

Uncle Anthony Rampton: Born England Feb 19, 1824.  Came to Michigan 1848.  Moved to Iowa 1856.  He and father built a sod house. Father not married at that time.  Uncle Anthony went back to England in 1850 married his (Caroline) sweetheart, saw the Crystal Palace first World's Exposition on honeymoon  Came back to Michigan wife had consumption soon died.  Uncle married Eliza friend of first wife she came to Iowa with Uncle and my father.  She taught school YankeeGrove was in family way.  She slipped on the ice killed her.  She was born 1825.  Died 1857.  Uncle's third wife and the mother of his family was Phebe Van Winkle neighbor 1 mile north of Ramptons.  She was born 1838.  Died 1878.  Her youngest Phebe was just a baby and my mother raised her so she is the nearest to a sister to me.  Uncle Anthony moved to Vinton about 1876.  Married Mrs. Rose for the fourth wife later they moved to 80 1/3 miles west of home farm on (?) rather Joining it to west (hard to read this writing)  Fourth wife died later he made his home with Phebe Hamilton at Panlling (?) Iowa.  He died there 1917 aged 93.

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