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Benjamin C. Cannedy

  • Texas, Oklahoma

** Benjamin Carroll Cannedy was born Feb. 1, 1893 at McKinney, Collin Co. Texas. The ninth child out of eighteen of Ransom Alonzo Cannedy. His mother was Janette Nettie Wilson Cannedy.**

On July 12, 1913 he and Luella Jane Wilson eloped across the state line to Quanah, Texas accompained by James Wesley and Mable Clara Frazier Pittman as Leuella's parents, William Levi and Margaret Humphrey Nelson, didnt want them to marry.  Ben worked for Oscar Woodman as a jockey, riding many a fine horse across the finish line.

In the early 1920's , Ben farmed in Wheeler, Texas and in the late 1920's and early 1930's he was farming in Harmon Co. north of Gould.  In 1934 he moved to a farm in Clay Co. Texas and in 1937 he bought a farm and relocated to the Wichita Valley near Iowa Park, Texas.  It was in a new sub-division  of small farms created during the Roosevelt era.

Their children were: William Alonzo 1914, Orbie Carroll 1916, Josephine Margaret 1918, Gearldene (twin) 1921, Pearlene (twin)1921, A.J. 1924, Rubin Calvin 1926, Bennie Lou 1928,  Sarah Jane 1934-1934...

After the children married and left home, he and Luella bought a home in Wichita Falls.  Ben wasn't happy away from farming, so he leased the home and went to work as a ranch-farm manager in Archer Co Texas, where he worked until his death on July 14, 1949. Ben is buried at Gould,Ok.

Luella moved back to their home in Wichita Falls,Texas and did practical nursing after working in the Wichita General Hospital for several months. She went to work for the Williams family, caring for Mrs. Williams at Gould until her death and then working for Mrs. Williams son at their hotel in Altus, until health problems returned her to Wichita Falls, where she took a job in the school cafeteria until her marriage in 1959  to Fred Campbell. He died in 1962. Luella taught Sunday School and is still a faithful member of the Baptist Church and continues to play hymns on the piano every day.  She  resides at the Texhoma Christian Care Center in Wichita Falls, where she just celebrated her 91st. birthday.

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