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Ransom Alonzo Cannedy

  • Illinois Texas and Oklahoma

**  Ransom Alonzo Cannedy was born July 17, 1855, at Greenfield Illinois.  The youngest child of James Calhoun "Carroll" Cannedy and Temperance Spradley Cannedy Woodman.**

** On May 23, 1875 at Greenfield, he and Janette "Nettie" Wilson were married by his Uncle William Harrison Cannedy a Justice of the Peace.  Nettie, the daughter of immigrants from England and Scotland, was born July 22, 1858 in Greenfield.**

** In the early 1880's, they moved to McKinney Collin Co. Texas near his older sister and brother-in-law, Elizabeth Ann and John Henry Pittman. Here Nettie died in a home accident on March 2, 1893.**

** Lon and Nettie had nine children: Ida May 1876, Etna J. 1878, Ernest William  1880, Geneva 1881, Peter H. 1883, Maud Temperance 1885, Clinton Thomas 1887, Clarence Eugene 1889,  Benjamin Carroll 1893...**

** In 1893, Lon married Susan Jane Marlow, Born Feb. 21, 1871 Beach Ford, TN. The daughter  of Paul Harmon and Sally Garner Wilson Marlow.  They also had nine children: Paul Herbert 1896, Pearl Grace 1898, Iva Lena 1900, Trixie Lettie 1902, Albert Ewell 1904, Roy Granville 1906, George Washington 1908, Versie Perfannie 1912, Glen Clenis 1915..**

** In August 1897, Lon and Susan settled one mile south and 1 mile west of Gould, in Old Greer County. He was always a farmer.  Around 1929 they moved to Wichita Falls, Texas then back to Oklahoma to help his son ,Herb, on his farm in the Bethel area from 1931 to 1934, then back to Wichita Falls to try irrigated  farming where Lon died at his home on Iowa Park Road, May 18, 1938 at the age of 82.**

** Susan celebrated her 100th birthday at the Monterrey Care Center with over 100 family members and friends.  Grandchildren came from several states and many honored guests from Wichita Falls.  She died March 9, 1973 at the age of 102.  Lon is buried at the Rowlett Cemetery McKinney Collin Co Texas between Nettie and Susan....**

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