Pension File For Lewis Sandlin Of Kentucky

Pension File For Lewis Sandlin Of Kentucky


Lewis Sandlin's Pension File

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Lewis Sandlin

  • Owsley County, Kentucky

** He was born June 21, 1843 in Owsley County, Kentucky and died July 8th 1927 in Taft, Owsley Co. Ky.  His wife was Ellen Edwards.  She was born in 1843 in Buncombe Co. North Carolina(she didn't know the month or day of her birth and she could not read nor write) and died Jan. 15, 1936 in Taft, Owsley Co. Ky.  Lewis was the son of Ezekiel Sandlin and Sarah Clark. He gave the following birth dates  for his children:**

** Adoniram  Sept 14, 1863      Nancy M. March 11, 1866   James H. Nov. 21,1869**

Other notes from his packet: Company D, 47th Mounted Infantry, Kentucky, Civil War

** Pension #464, 123  Dec. 14, 1912**

#1586, 540(widow) July 20, 1927

Physical Description from Civil War Pension Application: height: 5 ft. 8 in.  complextion:light       hair: black      eyes: blue

On his pension application he stated that, on or about the first day of March 1864 near Paris,Ky. he contracted typhoid fever caused by exposure on a march and a short time after recovery-was taken down with Fever and Chronic Diarrhea, and he never recovered from the effects of said diseases.  He claims pension on account of Typhoid Fever and Fever and Chronic Diarrhea.  That he was treated at hospitals as follows: Lexington Ky. from about March 1st 1864 to April 10th 1864 and again from about August to Sept. 27, 1864.  That since leaving the service he has resided in the town of Island City in Owsley,Ky as a farmer and that before the war he was a farmer.  He received $12.00 per month.

On Jan. 15,1902 he was 58 yrs old  5ft. 8in. tall and weighed 125 lbs.  His eyes were blue and his hair was dark with some gray.  He was a farmer with no permanent marks.

On Dec. 11, 1920 his pension was increased to $72.00 per month for total disability.  He required the personal aid and assistance of another person to dress or do anything.  He was mostly confined to bed.  He was a resident of Sexton's Creek, Clay Co. Ky. at the time.

May 12, 1921  Doctor's report(H.C. Hornsby of Burning Springs, Ky.) born Owsley Co. Ky. age 78

** height: 5-9  weight: 120   Complextion: fair   color of eyes: blue  color of hair: gray    occupation: nothing    Stroke in August 1920   Recommened for total disability.**

** Source: National Archive Microfilm  Box: 00386  Roll: 0024  Record:00000599**

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