Edward Mardin / Marden Project

Edward Mardin / Marden Project

US Revolutionary War

Edward Mardin (c1751-1935) of Lyman, NH, an American Revolution Ranger

US Revolutionary War (1775 - 1783)


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Service Start Date

30 Dec 1776

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Service End Date

Jun 1783

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Conflict Period

US Revolutionary War

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Private First Class

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  • New Hampshire
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Edward Mardin was born about 1751. The location of his birth and identity of his parents are unknown at this time (Jan-2008). He died in Lyman, Grafton Co., New Hampshire on 16-Mar-1835, a Revolutionary War pensioner leaving a widow. He appears to have been married at least 3 times, but only his last wife has been identified. Many descendants claim they have Native American heritage and oral history suggests the mother of Edward's son was Native American. This is supported by phyiscal descriptions and photos of grandchildren that suggest Native heritage.

Edward served as a Ranger with Whitcomb's Independant Corp from 1777 to 1781 and then transferred to the New Hampshire Continental Line for the remained of the war. A true Patriot that deserves to be properly remembered.

In a document dated 1820, Edward states he has only one child living, a son "of age" with a family of his own. Research suggests this son was also named Edward. Edward Jr. had 7 children (4 sons and 3 daughters) born between 1809 and 1820 by Elizabeth Annis and possibly 2 sons by an earlier marriage. The grandchildren of Edward (the Ranger) are found in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Canada, Wisconsin, and Minnisota. Many were true pioneers, early settlers in wilderness communities.

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