Joseph Baker -- Revolutionary War Soldier

Joseph Baker -- Revolutionary War Soldier


My 4th (or 5th?) great-grandfather was mentioned in family papers. Some details of his life and service were available, but his pension helped to confirm the stories. Ironically, the pension also pointed to the fact that my family's recollections seemed to have missed a generation. Joseph Baker was born about 1754. He fought in the Revolutionary War between Apr 1775 and 6 Jan 1777. He enlisted at Montague, Massachusetts, under Captain Samuel Bartlett and Col. Johnathan Ward. He was captured in 1776 and imprisoned at Fort Lee and on the prison ship "Jersey" at New York until he was paroled. He married on 4 Nov 1777 in Ashfield, Hampshire (now Franklin), Massachusetts, to Elizabeth Sadler the daughter of John Sadler and Abigail Scott. Four children were born there: Amasa in 1778, Roswell in 1781, Mercy in 1783, and Chester in 1787. Between 1790 and 1800, the family moved to New York. Two additional children were reported: Besty in 1800 and Horace in 1802. Horace, I discovered later, might not be a child of Joseph and Elizabeth, but instead a grandson. Joseph filed for and was granted a pension based upon his Revolutionary War service. Joseph died 5 Sep 1826 in Phelps, Ontario, New York. Elizabeth then filed for a widow's pension and died 28 Feb 1850 in Clymer, Chautauqua, New York. The documents that follow trace Joseph Baker and detail the information he left about his children in the Pension file. Additional documentation has also been added.

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Handwritten Family History

    This is a document found in family papers which details what my family knew about Joseph Baker. The document does continue for four pages, but includes information about living individuals and is, therefore, not posted in its entirety here. My family's records are quite certain that Horace Baker was Joseph Baker's son.

    Notes on the Baker Family

    Joseph Baker, our great great grandfather was born 1754. He married Elizabeth Sadler Nov. 4, 1777 at Ashfield, Mass. He died Sept. 5th, 1826 at Phelps, NY.

    Elizabeth Sadler was born July 4th, 1760 and died Feb, 29, 1858 at Clymer NY. Their children were: Roswell, Elizabeth born in 1800, Horace our great grandfather born Nov. 27, 1802, died Feb. 10, 1892.

    Joseph Baker served in the American Revolution from April 1775 to Jan. 6, 1777. He enlisted at Montague, Mass. under Captain Samuel Barllett and Col. Jonathan Ward. He was captured in 1776 at Tappan, NY, was imprisoned at Fort Lee and on the prison ship Jersey at New York until Jan. 6, 1777 when he was paroled. He applied for a pension April 27, 1818. The claim was allowed. At that time he was living in Phelps, NY in Ontario County. These items were gathered from old letters written 1808-1817.

    Horace Baker, out great grandfather had tuberculosis when a young man, He was taken into the family of a minister; recovered from his illness and was sent to Hobart College at Geneva, NY.

    In addition to proving parentage, I can find no evidence that Horace had TB and lived with a minister. Also, I contacted Hobart College and requested that they check enrollment records for Horace. They did not locate records to indicate that he attended school there.

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