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  • Livermore, California

I was born in Livermore, California Dec 26th 1952.

My parents were:

Susan Jane Inslee born October 12, 1933 in Cozad, Nebraska

Raymond Allen Comer born November 2, 1929 in San Diego, California

My parents were divorced when I was about two years old and my mother moved my older brother Raymond Allen Comer Jr and I in with her parents. Lloyd and Jane Inslee. We lived on a farm on East Ave, Livermore, California. There is a church there now.

Apparently before my mother and her kids moved in our great grandparents had been living on and off with our grandparents. They were grandpas parents. My Aunt Nan moms younger sister was also living there. She had a son named Kent Olen Vera. Kent was a year younger then me. We had a great time living on the farm. Grandma Jane babysat Kent and I while Allen was already in school from what I do remember. Grandma took me to dancing lessons at Miss Carol Jeans dance studio which at that time was a room in the Dana Hall between second and third street in Livermore. Kent and I had many adventures on the old farm. Allen use to give us a bad time but we loved it. We all lived in the botton half of the house. We had our own kitchen and livingroom and two bedrooms. I remember mom, Allend and I had one bedroom while Nan and Kent had the other. the toilet was an outhouse room right outside the door so we chose to go upstairs to use the real bathroom. Grandma had two great iron beds and we were seperated for naps. We would meet in the bathroom which each room had a door to an crawl out onto the closed in porch to play. Grandma would usually catch us. Out on that porch we had a mattress to tumble on and costumes to dress up in. Grandma would use the arched opening between the dining area and the livingroom as our intro to the stage. Sometimes we danced on her coffee table. Grandma use to exercise to Jack Lalane on tv and we would get right along side her and do it with her.

When I was five or so my mom decided to get married to Joseph Corral. He was a real looser and father to my younger sister Annette Maria Corral. We then moved to Sunnyvale, California where I started Kindergarten at Adair Elementary. We lived in a duplex Annettes grandma Maria Corral owned. I don't remember the street but it was a block over from Washington street and the park. Across from the duplex were the workers homes from the cannery. Low income housing I guess. When I was in the middle of first grade my mom and Joe bought a house across town so we had to move. It was 120 California St, Sunnyvale. Last time I was there the house was still there but apartments had been built behind. Annettes Aunt Trina, Joe's older sister owned the lot behind us. This is where I met my childhood friend Kathy Schmitz. We attended Jarvis E. Bishop Elementry and had a great time. I remember joining the drama club, was the fastest person in the school counting the boys by the time I was in sixth grade. we had a softball team that was undefeated also. I got voted to direct my own play in drama when I was in fifth grade and we won the contest for best play over the sixth graders. I don't remember to much about it except it had to do with princesses and we had formals. Of course!

After elementry school we had to go way back across town to where I started kindergarten to the junior high school. It was called Banner Junior High. It does not exist anymore. They tore it down back in 1994 and put up condos or something. I got to go there for my seventh grade year but my mom who had divorced Annettes dad after sixth grade finished up was now getting married to Frank Cardinelli. Frank was awesome. He was madly in love with my mom. Frank had been married to some other woman and had two daughters. I found later that the oldest wasn't even his kid. The lady had lied when she married him and said she was pregnant. Poor Frank. Anyway, Frank bought my mom a beautiful new home in East San Jose area. Bought her all new furniture and anything she wanted. Frank worked for Lockheed in Sunnyvale and so did mom that is where they met. I then had to switch to Piedmont Junior high which I did not like. But once into high school at Piedmont high I had a blast and that is where I met Armando my husband.

Mom and Frank decided that they wanted to live closer to my grandparents in Livermore so when I was a junior in high school off we went again. We moved at Xmas time and I ended up going to Livermore High where all my aunts and uncles and parents all went. Mom and Frank bought a brand new home and we lived there for two years. While I was getting ready for my wedding during my senior year mom and Frank bought an old farm house out on Mines Rd just up from Aunt Nan and Uncle Richlards home. Each of these places had five acres. Grandma and grandpa Inslee were moving in with mom and Frank and Annette. Frank got into horses and they lived there for about two years. Mando and I had just gotten out of the Air Force and moved back home. We were actually staying in my dad and Sandys house at 340 Lee. Livermore, Calif. Frank up and surprised mom and told her he wanted a divorce so here we go again.......

Mom and Annette moved into town into a townhouse and grandma and grandpa bought a house a few blocks from me. During that time Mando and I had bought our first home at 1379 Hillview Drive Livermore, Calif. It was such a nice house and neighborhood. Grandma Jane and her siblings at this time decided to sell off the land in Cozad Nebraska they had inherited and made alot of money for themselves. Grandma then bought them a better house and they lived there until grandma Lloyd died in 1984.

With in the year mom had run into an old friend of my uncles and they started dating. his name was Louis Dentici. Louie was a great guy and we all loved him. Mando and Louie had great times together. Mom and Louie moved to Sacramento right after they got married in June 18th 1976. Annette at this time had already had an abortion from a baby she was pregnant with of Raul Martinez. When mom got back from her honeymoon she found out Annette was pregnant again! So she took her and dumped her off at Rauls mothers place. I think from then on mom felt guilty for doing that so she just kept helping Annette out. Mom and Louie got into buying alot of rentals and then after the laws changed they got rid of most of them. They seemed to have had a good relationship but one day (as mom tells it) out of the blue Louie tells her he wants a divorce and he is going to go get his old girlfriend back from high school. And he did!

This pretty much deflated mom. At fourty something she was getting tired of getting married I think. She stayed in Sacramento at first and went back full time at the bank. This is where she met the looser of all time Charles Meyer. Charlie was a client at the bank and used to come in and get help with his accounts because he is pretty much an idiot. So she started dating Charlie and then after grandpa died she decided to move back to Livermore. For some reason she couldn't get rid of Charlie and we think that she figured he was an idiot and would do whatever she wanted so she kept him around. she wouldn't even marry the creep until her alomony from Louie ran out three years later. Mom finally married charlie and they lived in Sacramento until she died dec 14th 2005. That completes moms history of husbands pretty much.

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