Holzhaus, August

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August Holzhaus


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The Civil War

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Holzhaus, August
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August enrolled as a private into Co. K, 1st Regiment Ohio Infantry in Cincinnati, Ohio on 16 April 1861 at the approximate of 23 and was honorably discharged 2 August 1861 in Columbus, Ohio. This was only a 3-month Unit as Abraham Lincoln thought that he could quell the South in that amount of time.

August re-enlisted 1 November 1861 in Company K, 47th U.S. Infantry and mustered out on 11 June 1865 in Baltimore Hospital, Maryland.

He re-enlisted 20 June 1866 in Troop K, 4th U.S. Cavalry and mustered out on 20 June 1869 in Brownsville, Texas.

  • Ohio
  • 1861

Castroville, Medina County, Texas

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August married Catherine Mehr Schmitt. She had 3 children, Mary, Theresa and Ida. They had 8 children together; Bernardina, August, Joseph Otto, Ida, Mary Afra, Adolph, Clara Maria and Arthur.

The majority of physical descriptions in his Civil War pension case file concur that August had sandy hair, blue eyes, fair complexion and stood 5'11" tall.

  • Castroville, Medina County, Texas

Catherine Mehr Schmitt Holzhaus

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This is a small snapshot of Catherine Mehr Holzhaus. This photograph is in the possession of "Maudie" Mary Magdalene Holzhaus Tschirhart in Castroville, Medina County, Texas.
Catherine was born 29 November 1842 in Oberentzen, Alsace, France. She immigrated to Texas with her parents and settled in Castroville.
  • Castroville, Medina County, Texas

The couple at home

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This photograph is in possession of Guy Allen Holzhaus in Castroville, Medina County, Texas. This is August Holzhaus and his wife, Catherine Mehr Holzhaus. The man to the far left is unidentified. This is the Holzhaus home in Castroville.
This is a photograph of August and Catherine on the porch of their home in Castroville. The image is blurry, but it is one of only three photographs that we have found of the couple and we treasure it! Because the original was in a frame, we decided to photograph it and not scan it. We did not want to damage the original.
  • Castroville, Medina County, Texas

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