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Sailors Lost On USS WAHOO (SS 238) 11 Oct 1943

The USS Wahoo was one of the Submarine Force’s most valuable units during her six patrols, and her feats have become submarine legend. She sank 27 ships, totaling 119,100 tons, and damaged two more, making 24,900 tons, in the six patrols completed before her loss. Her patrolling career began in August 1942 in the Carolines.


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Manifest of lost sailors

Sea of Japan

Cmdr. Dudley W. “Mush” Morton
2 images
  1. Anders, F. MM3
  2. Andrews, J. S. EM1
  3. Bailey, R. E. SC3
  4. Bair, A. I. TM3
  5. Berg, J. C. MM3
  6. Browning, C. E. MOMM2
  7. Brown, D. R. LTJG
  8. Bruce, C. L. MOMM1
  9. Buckley, J. P. RM1
  10. Burgan, W. W. LT
  11. Campbell, J. S. ENS
  12. Carr, W. J. CGMA
  13. Carter, J. E. RM2
  14. Davison, W. E. MOMM1
  15. Deaton, L. N. TM1
  16. Erdey, J. S. EM3
  17. Fielder, E. F. LTJG
  18. Finkelstein, O. TM3
  19. Galli, W. O. TM3
  20. Garmon, C. E. MOMM2
  21. Garrett, G. C., Jr. MOMM2
  22. Gerlacher, W. L. S2
  23. Goss, R. P. MOMM1
  24. Greene, H. M. LT
  25. Hand, W. R. EM2
  26. Hartman, L. M. MM3
  27. Hayes, D. M. EM2
  28. Henderson, R. N. LT
  29. Holmes, W. H. EM1
  30. House, V. A. S1
  31. Howe, H. J. EM2
  32. Jacobs, O. MOMM1
  33. Jasa, R. L. MM3
  34. Jayson, J. O. CK3
  35. Johnson, K. B. TM1
  36. Keeter, D. C. CMOMMA
  37. Kemp, W. W. GM1
  38. Kessock, P. F1
  39. Krebs, P. H. S1
  40. Kirk, E. T. S1
  41. Lape, A. D. F1
  42. Lindemann, C. A. S1
  43. Logue, R. B. FC1
  44. Lynch, W. L. F1
  45. MacAlman, S. E. PHM1
  46. MacGowen, T. J. MOMM1
  47. Magyar, A. J. MM3
  48. Manalisay, J. C. ST3
  49. Mandjiak, P. A. MM3
  50. Massa, E. E. S1
  51. Maulding, E. C. SM3
  52. Maulding, G. E. TM3
  53. McGill, T. J. CMOMMA
  54. McGilton, H. E. TM3
  55. McSpadden, D. J. TM1
  56. Mills, M. L. RT1
  57. Misch, G. A. LTJG
  58. Morton, D. W. CDR
  59. Neel, P. TM2
  60. O'Brien, F. L. EM1
  61. O'Neal, R. L. EM3
  62. Ostrander, E. E. MM3
  63. Phillips, P. D. SC1
  64. Rennels, J. L. SC2
  65. Renno, H. S1
  66. Seal, E. H. Jr. TM2
  67. Simonetti, A. R. SM2
  68. Skjonsby, V. L. LCDR
  69. Smith, D. O. BM1
  70. Stevens, G. V. MOMM2
  71. Terrell, W. C. QM3
  72. Thomas, W. S1
  73. Tyler, R. O. TM3
  74. Vidick, J. EM2
  75. Wach, L. J. COX
  76. Waldron, W. E. RM3
  77. Ware, N. C. CEM
  78. White, W. T. Y2
  79. Whipp, K. L. MM2
  80. Witting, R. L. MM3
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Report of ship activity

15 miles WNW of TRUK enroute PIAANU PASS

Page 12
Description of all enemy warships, merchant vessels, patrol vessels and "Sampans" sighted. Includes position, course, speed and time of sighting.
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Navy Says Wreck Found Off Japan is Legendary Sub USS Wahoo

Sea of Japan

From Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet Public Affairs PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (NNS) -- Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet declared Oct. 31 that the sunken submarine recently discovered by divers in the Western Pacific is, indeed, the World War II submarine USS Wahoo (SS 238). "After reviewing the records and information, we are certain USS Wahoo has been located," said Adm. Gary Roughead, the U.S. Pacific Fleet commander. “We are grateful for the support of the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park, and appreciate greatly the underwater video footage of the submarine provided by our Russian navy colleagues, which allowed us to make this determination. This brings closure to the families of the men of Wahoo - one of the greatest fighting submarines in the history of the U.S. Navy." Read entire story from
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