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A small excerpt of history of the Southern Utah town of Parowan, Iron County. Included is some of my ancestors who helped in the early settlement of this town and region. Included is a documentary link of the video.


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Center Creek, Southern Expidition of Iron County


    From exploration reports of Parley P. Pratt, Brigham Young sent George A. Smith with about 120 men, 31 women, and 18 children as settlers from Salt Lake to settle Iron county, what they called The Little Salt Lake. This is known as the Iron Mission. Part of its purpose was to produce much-needed iron implements for the pioneer state.

    The individuals chosen to go were those who possessed a wide variety trades necessary to sustain settlement of this region.




The Following documentary shows the stories of a few of the settlers and a portion of some interesting facts relating to the settlement.

Parowan Documentary


Some story pages on some of these early settlers of Parowan

Francis and Clarissa Whitney

Arrival in the Valley

Iron County

    Leaving, December to arrive in their valley on January 13, 1851, the first group of pioneers arrived at Center Creek which was later named Parowan and began to build a community that would support the many pioneers who would later be called upon to travel south and build other communities.

Correspondence with the Deseret News

George A. Smith wrote to the Deseret News in April,

"Our colony are all well, and some children have been born. Our wheat crops look fine and in a few days we will have our fields all fenced and under irrigation. The Indians have been very friendly, bringing us some very fine speckled trout from the lake over the mountain".

The old Sow Cannon

Iron County


    Left by a mob after a retreat near Far West Missouri, the Old Sow Cannon accompanied the settlers.

    The old Sow Cannon was in the Vanguard, with Captain Jacob Hoeffeins in command of the artillery division of the Iron County Militia. As they came over the Beaver Ridge and could see the Valley of the Little Salt Lake, they fired off the Old Sow Cannon three times as a salute to their home. Its echoes answered from hill to hill, and wandering Indians wondered what had happened. (Frank Hamilton)

    “On January 16, 1851… Iron County was organized and the first election was held for county officials and a representative was elected to the Legislature of the State of Deseret. The firing of the sow cannon signaled the closing of the polls.” Cannon plaque


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