Ancestors of Arthur Dwight "Buck" Lackey--Lackey Family Branch

Ancestors of Arthur Dwight "Buck" Lackey--Lackey Family Branch


The ancestor families of Arthur Lackey include the Matheson, Beckham, McGinnis, Kirby, Doub, Bogle, Smith, Walker, Helsebeck. Stevenson, Spainhour, Fiscus, Junck and Spitteler families that ended up in Alexander, Wilkes and Forsyth Counties in North Carolina. This section focuses on the Lackey Family branch.

Stories about Ancestors of Arthur Dwight "Buck" Lackey--Lackey Family Branch

#1 Arthur Dwight "Buck" LACKEY and Maude Beatrice JOLLEY

  • North Carolina

Arthur Dwight "Buck" LACKEY was born on August 15, 1908 and lived on his family's farm in Hiddenite in Alexander County, NC.[1] He was the youngest son of Huron and Addie LACKEY. When Buck was 17 years old, he married Bonnie Fay BURGESS (age 16) on March 14, 1926 in Taylorsville.[2] They had one daughter named Lillian. There are no known photographs of Bonnie but there are several of Lillian. One photograph of a three or four year old Lillian is dated February 22, 1930.[3] There is also a photograph of Lillian in what appears to be a wedding dress.

On the 1930 census, Buck, Bonnie and three-year-old Lillian are listed as living in Stanly County. The family was renting a $12-a-month house in Badin Town, a factory village for the workers of the Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa). Buck was working as an electrical operator in the aluminum reduction plant.[4] Buck's brother Olney was already living in Stanly County and working at the aluminum plant in 1920.[5]

Bonnie divorced Arthur during the February Term of Court, 1945 in Alexander County. According to the judgment, Arthur and Bonnie had been living separately for more than two years.[6]

Buck was inducted into the US ARMY at 33 years old on April 7, 1942 as a Private first class (Pfc) of the Medical Department. Buck drove a medical truck. He served 2 years, 4 months and 3 days in foreign service in the campaigns of Algeria-French Morocco; Tunisia; Normandy; and Northern France.[7] Buck broke his leg and was moved to a Veterans' hospital in Florida. Buck also served in Sicily, Germany and England.[8] Buck was honorably discharged from the service on August 6, 1945 and received the EAME Campaign Medal.[9] World War II ended nine days later when the Emperor of Japan surrendered on August 15, 1945, V-J Day.

Buck met his second wife, Maude Beatrice JOLLEY, at a boarding house in North Wilkesboro where she worked. They had corresponded during his military service and Bea went to Daytona Beach, Florida to marry Buck on January 16, 1946.[10]

Bea, daughter of William Lester and Grace Pennell JOLLEY, was born October 13, 1914 in Caldwell County, North Carolina.[11] She was 30 years old when she married Buck. Buck and Bea had three children: Arthur Franklin, Ronald Taylor and Lydia Beatrice. Buck and Bea first lived in Hudson where Buck worked for the Mooney Pluming Company and volunteered as a fireman with the Hudson Volunteer Fire Department. The family was active in the First Baptist Church in Hudson. The family later moved to a brick home at the JOLLEY homeplace in King's Creek, NC. Buck worked as a plumber and janitor for Caldwell Community College and Bea was a housewife.[12]

Buck suffered a heart attack while working in his garden and died at the age of 70 on May 1, 1979.[13] They had been married for 34 years. Bea suffered a debilitating stroke and lived with her daughter Lydia KANUPP in Mill Spring, NC. Bea died of another stroke on March 20, 1992.[14] Both Buck and Bea are buried in Grandin Baptist Church Cemetery in Grandin, NC.

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