Beyond Quantum Time

Beyond Quantum Time


I submitt for your approval evidence linking a theroy where at least in one timeline humankind has survived and petty greed backed by phellonies and deceit can not and will not pass.

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Left for the dead

  • Homestead AFB, Florida, USA

Peace Pharoh project, Hurracaine David was baring down on the coast. The package, along with 2 C5s full of "officers and gentilemen" left for Murtle Beach. Left behind we were discovering swamp recovery techniques, dangers, then waiting behind taped windows when Hurracaine David took a turn in the night and hit Murtle Beach the following day. I imagine Sadat may still had lived if distrust in the US was not already validated. Ofcourse, F4s in 1980s still would not have musturded against the F16s we gave Isreal a little latter. All this was before we (humans) started to light-up the JP4(6) with CO2 lasers even though civilian tests by outside forces infiltrating the US has some success against civilian targets (NY)(Passenger Airliner and Kenedy). - One Man.

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