Some Highlights of My Life -- by Earl Brooks

Some Highlights of My Life -- by Earl Brooks


Dr. Earl Brooks (1883-1968)

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Earl Brooks -- Reminicing

  • Noblesville, Indiana, USA

Earl Brooks wrote, "I served one term as City Councilman from the first ward early after locating to Noblesville. The highlight of the experience was when a new contract was made with the light company that changed the old arc light system to a new system of ornamental incandescent system.  Ruth pulled the switch that turned on the lights during the dedication of that event.  [She was four or five at the time and received a small diamond ring to commemorate the event.  Johanna Tuñón eventually inherited the ring and passed it on to her daughter for her 16th birthday. Johanna Tuñón] Father Miesse was served for many years as a trustee of his church for many years and resigned soon after Mr. Frank Moss left if they would give me his place.  I served on the board for many years.  Incidentally, Father Miesse was a member of the board when the present church was built.  Children of the church were urged to buy a hundred bricks for the new church.  Stella was nine years old and made such a pledge. She raised her money by selling hominy to the neighbors. Her older brother was very much irked about it because he thought it was beneath the family dignity to do such a thing. When the church was well along with the construction, Stella demanded from her father to see her hundred bricks in the building.  He finally told her they were in a certain corner of the church, but he had forgotten exactly where they were."

Scares in My Life:

Earl Brooks wrote, "I would not say the following was a highlight of my life.  They may well be called 8 scares I have experienced. When I was a boy in the summertime one night when all the doors and windows were open, someone came down the road on a horse yelling like a drunk attracted me to go and stand in the open door. As he came even with the house, he fired a shoot and the bullet passed me in the door, hit the wall on the opposite side of the room, and bounced back on the floor. I picked it up and bragged to mother that he missed me which amused me very much, but she took a dimmer view of the incident and said it could have hit me in the eye and I would have been blind for the rest of my life.  The more I thought of it, the worse I felt and proceeded to faint.

One time I was filling a tooth of a man, everything went normal when he suddenly went pale.  I tilted the chair back and felt for his pulse which was extremely weak. In a short time, it was beating normally again, and I let him rest for a while.  Then suddenly he ceased breathing. I felt for his pulse, and it seemed normal so I resorted to artificial breathing. I gave him some for rest when he fainted.  I reclined the chair and applied smelling salts and watched his normal beating and his pulse was normal.  In a short time, he seemed to be OK. I finished his filling, but I would not let him leave the office for a while. He evidently blamed me for causing it all and never came back to me again for services, for which I was thankful.

Another time a man from somewhere in the South part of the state had bought the candy kitchen in the Traction Station and had taken over the store that morning.  The day before in his hometown, a dentist inserted a new denture, and there was a certain spot that was irritating his gums. He came in for me to fix them.  I noted a bead of vulcanite at one spot that had still an air bubble in the cast, which the dentist had overlooked when finishing them. I removed it and told him I did not think it would bother him again which turned out to be true. As he left the office, my office girl asked me what was the matter with him as he looked so badly.  I told her I had noticed it, and I thought he had one foot in his grave and the other on a banana peel.  As he crossed the street in front of the old hospital, he dropped dead in the middle of the street.

Another incident involved myself.  I had scarcely gotten over a mild attack of the flu when I had an acute attack of appendicitis.  Dr. Joe placed me with an ice pack over the area, as I did not like the idea of taking ether for an operation due to the fact that lungs were not a very good subject for ether. I took my temperature every hour, and it began going up a degree every hour, and the soreness was definitely getting worse every hour. I called Dr. Joe and said I would take a change on having pneumonia, for I was afraid if we waited any longer, I would have a burst appendix.  In less than an hour, I was in my bed without a good fish bait. About the third day during the afternoon when my nurse was off duty and shortly after I had my dinner, I had a pain in my innards that made appendicitis seem very elementary. I called the floor nurse, and she said I was only having a gas pain.  I tried to convince her that this was a wrong diagnosis.  Dr. Joe seemed to agree with the nurse.  Everyone seemed to agree except me.  My recovery was uneventful and in about a week I thought I would so to the office for a brief time and while there I was placing a gold filling in an artificial tooth when I had a characteristic pain again, and it got unbearable.  I asked my assistant to get out the emergency cot and got Dr. Joe as soon as possible. I laid down on the cot but was soon out of it and rolling around on the floor in excruciating pain. Dr. Joe was out on a case and it was some time before he came.  By that time I was entirely free from pain.  He said then that he knew definitely what the trouble was.  The flu and operation had inflamed the gall duct, and the thickened bile which was pressed out of it caused the pain as the bile was squeezed out through the inflamed duct. He gave me some morphine tablets and told me to carry them and a syringe with me all the time in case of another attack.  He also gave me some bile salts to take to thin the file.  I had occasion to give myself one additional time.  I was never without the morphine and hypo for at least three months.  I never did need it again."

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