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Full Name:
Paul Gibson 1
19 Nov 1960 1
19 Apr 1996 1
Last Residence: Monongahela, PA 1
Social Security:
Social Security Number: ***-**-7561 1

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we went to high school together. i remember Paul as a smart, intoverted and well liked teenager...

I remember singing duets with him, mainly "Danny's Song" -- and him never wanting to give me my guitar back. Here's to one of the most talented friends ever.

I remember Paul as being a great friend . . . always one to lend an ear when you needed to talk . . . or sing youa song when you were feeling down . . .

Paul was a good humored, warm guy with a smokey, soulful, tenor voice and love to sing from the heart.

I like so many remember him as a very happy person, so very talented and loving. The world would be a better place with himn in it.

I don't remember when I met Paul, probably in kindergarten. We went to Lincoln Elementary School together. Paul, George Bandalo, and myself played guitar for our fifth grade choir concert. "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" We spent many evenings practicing in his livingroom. He was so patient with me as I was just learning the guitar.

i remember paul he was going to sing at my sisters wedding and i remember him playing down hitchs hut

I remember Paul. Great guy. He was a friend of my brother Jim's. He had great talent and treated people special. I also remember hearing him at Hitch's Hut. Fondly remembered and sadly missed.

One of Paul's last recording sessions

pgh pa

Louie and I produced this with Paul at Mulberry Street Studios:


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