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Hower Slote House

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Hower Slote House
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The Hower-Slote House was built in 1829 by James Slote on land formerly owned by John Hower. Built in the Federal style, it was the center of a working farm for more than 125 years. Reflecting a typical farmhouse of the times, the building occupies the site of Fort Freeland, a Revolutionary War defense. In 1779, Tories and Indians attacked the post, where frontier families had taken refuge. Pennsylvania troops were unable to repel the attack, and the fall of Fort Freeland prompted settlers to flee. The house is located north of McEwensville on land owned by the Warrior Run School District. The Hower-Slote property was officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places on August 22, 1979.

In 1979, the   Warrior Run Fort Freeland Heritage Society entered into an agreement with the Warrior Run School District to restore and manage the Hower-Slote House and Farm. In 1980,  the society entered into a management agreement with the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission to manage and maintain the buildings and grounds of the Warrior Run Church.

Each year, hundreds of volunteers participate in the Annual Warrior Run-Fort Freeland Heritage Days recreating the past and interpreting the daily activities of the colonial-era pioneers who settled Central Pennsylvania. Held early in October, on the grounds of the Warrior Run High School including the Hower Slote House , expert and apprentice trades people demonstrate more than 80 skills of the 18th and 19th centuries, using authentic period tools to recreate traditional trades and pastimes. Heritage Days, has been recognized by the Pennsylvania Federation of Museums and Historical Organizations with their prestigious Award of Merit. National Geographic also has honored the event by selecting the festival for inclusion in its special edition "Geotourism Map Guide to Appalachia," as an event that sustains and enhances the geographical character of the area, the environment, culture, and heritage.

Members and friends of the society dress in authentic costumes of the period. Staged at the site of an historic military engagement, visitors may watch a re-enactment of the Battle of Fort Freeland as American Revolution patriots are challenged by the British and their allies.

  • Turbotville, Northumberland, PA
  • 1779-2007

The Slotes

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1. JAN PIETERSEN1 SLOT was born Abt. 1613 in Holstein, Denmark, and died 1703 in New Amsterdam, New York. He married AELTJE ANNETJE JANS 1639 in Amsterdam, Holland. She was born Abt. 1617 in Amsterdam, Holland.After the death of Annetie, Jan Pietersen emigrated in 1650 to New York from Denmark (Holstein) via Holland with his two sons. They settled in Harlem. On 3 Jan 1665 he married secondly to Claertje Dominicus (bef 1645-?) and the family lived in Harlem until about 1673. During this period Jan Pietersen was a Sargent in the Harlem Company, Schout of Harlem (Deputy Sherriff), Rooy-Meester (Surveyor of Buildings and Fences) and Schepen (Magistrate). In 1686 they are shown living "Langs de Waal" (Wall Street), New York City, and members of the NYC Dutch Reformed Church. He was a carpenter by trade. In 1665 he bought property at the Bowery in New Amsterdam. 

His plantation on Manhattan was Bowerie n. 9--it was eight morgens, or sixteen acres. He later operated a farm in Harlem near Van Keulens farm. In 1662 he is listed as owning lots 7,8 and 9.

Van Keulen's Hook was a large plain, directly south of the village of Harlem, lying mostly in the woods. In 1662, it was laid out in long narrow lots, butting on the main street and running south to the Harlem River and Mill Creek. Each was 12 Dutch rods in width and contained 3 morgens or 6 acres. Twenty-two lots were laid out and numbered from the river westward. At the beginning of 1662, the Van Keulen's Hook lots were drawn. Jan Pietersen owned Nos. 7, 8, 9. MAP of Bowerie.

Slot descendants occassionally used Locke as a surname. In Dutch slot means lock.  That  goes along with the conventional concept that Jan Pieterson Slot came to America from Holland but was born in Denmark. In Danish the term Slot = Manor House or castle. Jan Pieterson Slot was identified as a builder when coming to America.

2. PIETER JANSEN2 SLOTE (JAN PIETERSEN1 SLOT) was born 1639 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and died 1688 in New Amsterdam, NY. He married MARRIETTE JACOBSE VAN WINKLE 1663 in Bergen, Bergen, NJ, daughter of JACOB VAN WINKLE and TYNTJE JACOBS. She was born 1643 in Hoorne, Netherlands, and died in New Amsterdam, NY. Pieter Jansen (Slot) Sloat (1639, Holland-1688) after emigrating in 1650 is documented as living in Harlem by 1658 where he was a Cadet in the Third Company by 1663. On 2 Jan 1663 he married in New Amsterdam DRC Marritje Jacobse Van Winkle (1643, New Amsterdam-1697, Bergen), dau of Jacobse Wallings Van Winkle (1598, Winkel, Holland-1657, New Amsterdam) & Tryntje Jacobs (1620, New Amsterdam). In 1664, the family successively lived in Bergen (1664-1671) where he had a land patent, under the wall of Fort New Amsterdam (1671-1673), Esopus (Kingston) NY (1680-1683), and Cromessie, near Stuyvesant's Bouwerie from 1686 until he died in 1688. Marritje would in 1692 marry secondly Jean Desmareets (Demarest) of Kinderkermack, NJ, the father-in-law of her second son, Jacobus.

He was a builder by trade. Sloatsburg is named for his family.

3. JACOBUS3 SLOAT (PIETER JANSEN2 SLOTE, JAN PIETERSEN1 SLOT) was born 1669 in Bergen, Bergen, NJ, and died 1725 in Hackensack, NJ. He married MARY DEMAREST 1695, daughter of JEAN DEMAREST and JACOMINA DERUINE. She was born Abt. 1673 in Harlem, NY, and died 1726 in Kinderkermack, NJ.

Jacobus Sloat (1669, Bergen, NJ - 1725, Hackensack, NJ), son of Pieter Jansen Sloat & Maria Jacobse Van Winkle, married in 1695 Maria Jan Demareets/Demarest (1673-1726, Kinderkermack, NJ) dau of Jean Desmareets of the Isle of Zealand & Jacomina de Reiner De Waal of Landrecies Prov., France. Maria was Sister of David, Sarah, and Peter Demarest, and step-sister of Jacobus due to the second marriage in 1692 of his mother, Marritje Andriese, to her father, Jean Demarest. The Jacobus Sloat family lived in the upper Hackensack area between 29 Jan 1695 until he died in 1725 and were members of the Hackensack DRC. The Jacobus Sloat Patent for 90 acres lay between David Demarie Sr. and John Demarie in northern Bergen Co, NJ.

Notes for MARY DEMAREST:  The Demarest Family, Vol I - second ed. - pub. 1964, Lib of Congress Card #64-22295 p.II-III-1 #3-3 (11). Mary & Jacobus joined the Hackensack Dutch Church 5 Apr 1696 from the French Church at Kinderkamack.

 4. JOHANNES4 SLOT (JACOBUS3 SLOAT, PIETER JANSEN2 SLOTE, JAN PIETERSEN1 SLOT) was born 1699 in Hackensack, NJ, and died 1783 in Montgomery, NY. He married CHRISTINA ACKERMAN 1730 in Hackensack Dutch Reform Church, daughter of DAVID ACKERMAN and GERBRECHTJE ROMEYN. She was born 1705, and died 1760.

Johannes Sloat (May 1699, Hackensack-1783, Montgomery, NY) on 17 Jul 1720 married Willmetje Alberse Van Voorhees (1721-1728) dau. of Albert Stevense Van Voorhees & Elena Vander Schure. After Willmetje died in 1728, Johannes on 28 Mar 1730 married secondly Christenjen (Christina) Akkerman (1705-1760) daughter of David Ackerman (1681 NYC-1724) & Gerrebreght Clase Romeyn (1681-1724).

5. ALEXANDER5 SLOTT (JOHANNES4 SLOT, JACOBUS3 SLOAT, PIETER JANSEN2 SLOTE, JAN PIETERSEN1 SLOT) was born 1747 in New Amsterdam, NY, and died 1806 in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. He married SARAH A. McCormick? Bef. 1781. She was born 1756 in New Amsterdam, NY, and died 1811 in Northumberland, Pennsylvania.He was baptised on 10/16/1748 in the Dutch Reformed church of Hackensack, NJ. By 1789 Alexander and his family were in Milton, Northumberland Co, where they were members of Warrior Run Presbyterian Church. He appears as Alex. Lock in the 1789 church membership. This how he appears on the 1800 Turbot census as well.

He was a tavern keeper in Milton when he died. The valuation of his estate was 2219, pounds 15 shillings and 11 pence. The inventory included barrels of whiskey, brandy and wine and a large quantity of baking ingredients that were probably related to his tavern. There was a significant quantity of livestock as well, so he also farmed.

His will:  After serious consideration I thought it my duty to do justice to my deer beloved wife and my deer children to distribute and I do hereby bequeath all my bondsthat is outstanding when they come due signed by John Shannon or his obligations yearly. To me as is to say and I Do hereby Bequeath and allow unto my Oldest and Beloved son John the First Bond coming due in the year 1808 to his own use and as his property. The secon Bond No. 2 I request and allow onto my second and beloved son James as his own property and ?. the Third Bond No. 3 I do allow and bequest onto my beloved wife Sarah as her own property and pleasure. The 4th Bond to my Oldest son John for his own use and Behoof. The 5th Bond to my second son James to his own use and Behoof. The 6th Bond to my Oldest first born daughter Jane as her own property and use. The 7th Bond to my Youngest Daughter Marah to her onlu use and Behoof. The 8th Bond to my oldest son john for his only use and Behoof. The 9th Bond to my second son James for his only use. The 10th Bond to my oldest son John for his only use. The 11th Bond to my second son James for his only use and Behoof. I do therefore desire that these above said distributions ? each and either of Them above mentioned do Solomly pay a strick and pure ? charge to be agreable to my to charge in Unity to love one another after my deceasd if in case of sudint death should sepperateus. Turbot Township. June 2th 1806. Alexr Slott.

Burial: Warriors Run Cemetery, Turbot twsp, PA

More About SARAH A McCormick?.: Burial: Warriors Run Cemetery, Probably connected to the McCormicks of Cumberland County, PA.

6. JAMES LOCKE6 SLOTE (ALEXANDER5 SLOTT, JOHANNES4 SLOT, JACOBUS3 SLOAT, PIETER JANSEN2 SLOTE, JAN PIETERSEN1 SLOT) was born 1783 and died 1839 in Turbotville, PA. He married MARIA JOHANNA HOWER, daughter of JOHAN HAUER and Barbara MARIA HOLLENBACH?. She was born 1790 in Allen Twp., PA, and died Aft. 1840 in St. Joseph County, Michigan.James Locke Slote lived near the Warrior Run church, his farm being the site of Fort Freeland, until his removal to Michigan with his family about 1837. His family consisted of seven sons and three daughters. About one year afterward he returned on a visit to this county, and was taken sick and died. His interment took place in the Warrior Run graveyard. Mr. Slote was active in the rebuilding of the old Warrior Run church, and served on the building committee. They were pioneers in St. Joseph County, Michigan and first members of the Mottsvile Pres. Church in 1838. His middle name is actually the English translation of the word "slot". He actually apears in some census as James Lock.

The Historic Warrior Run Church was built in 1835 and restored in 1947. The Warrior Run Cemetery is a Revolutionary War Cemetery that contains the remains of seventy-three Revolutionary War soldiers.

The Hower-Slote House was built in 1829, and is situated on the site of the Revolutionary War battle of Fort Freeland. Built in Federal style, it was the center of a working farm for more than 125 years. Today, it reflects a typical farmhouse of the 1830's. A National Historic Registry property, the structure offers a wealth of information on early building techniques. In addition, the grounds are being developed to show crops grown during the 1830's. Revolutionary War era artifacts are on display, including a number of items from the archaeological dig of the site conducted by Penn State University. James Slote fired the bricks for both the church and his house.

More About JAMES LOCKE SLOTE:  Burial: Warrior's Run Cemetry, PANotes for MARIA JOHANNA HOWER:  She was called Hannah. She appears in the 1840 and 1850 St. Jospeh County, MI federal census.

Maria Johanna Hauer found in: Southeastern Pennsylvania, 1680-1800 Birth Index

Birth/Baptism Date: 4 Jun 1790  Location: Lutheran and Reformed Church, Allen Township (Stone Church, Kriederville) County: Northampton  State: Pennsylvania

Father: Joh. Fried Hauer  Mother: Mrs. Barbara Hauer

It appears that she and James Slote acquired the property where they built a home in 1830, either through inheritance from her brother John or through purchase from his estate.

7. JOHN ALEXANDER7 SLOTE (JAMES LOCKE6, ALEXANDER5 SLOTT, JOHANNES4 SLOT, JACOBUS3 SLOAT, PIETER JANSEN2 SLOTE, JAN PIETERSEN1 SLOT) was born 1813 in Pennsylvania, and died 1854 in Elkhart, IN. He married NANCY COOK 27 Dec 1842 in St. Joseph County, Michigan, daughter of CONRAD COOK and EVA SUMMER. She was born 1821 in New York (prob. Avon), and died Aft. 1860 in Maybe Illinois. His occupation on the 1850 census was sawyer.

Notes for NANCY COOK:  Remarried William Densmore, Dunsmier in 1858. She died in Felix, Grundy County, IL June, 1862. Her property was sold for debts.  Fanny was only eight, Abraham J White was appointed her guardian, although I believe with her sister Eliza Jane Gould and her husband until she married.

 8. FRANCIS (FANNY) EMMA8 SLOTE (JOHN ALEXANDER7, JAMES LOCKE6, ALEXANDER5 SLOTT, JOHANNES4 SLOT, JACOBUS3 SLOAT, PIETER JANSEN2 SLOTE, JAN PIETERSEN1 SLOT) was born 1854 in Elkhardt, IN, and died 1941 in Wisconsin. She married SAMUEL DANCEY 1870 in Livingston County, Illinois, son of RICHARD DANCEY and MARY. He was born 1829 in Bailieborough, Cavan, Ireland, and died 1911 in Livingston County, IL.

Waukesha Freeman, July 12, 1941:  Mrs. Frances E. Dancey, 87, the mother of Lloyd Dancey, mathematics professor at Carroll college, died Tuesday afternoon after a short illness. Mrs. Dancey, who lived at 347 Arlington St., came to Waukesha 24 years ago from Elkhart, Ind. She has long been active in Methodist women's church activities.


  • New York, Michigan, Illinois
  • 1650-1941

The Howers

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Grave stone found on Hower Slote property during dig.
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1. HANS MIEHLL1 HAUER was born 1697 in Baden, Germany, and died 1759 in Berks County, PA. He married ANNA MARIA WENDEL in Germany. She was born in Germany.

He was the son of Christopher Hauer and Philipina Petri. He is listed has having been imported from Rotterdam on the ship William in 1737. He left a plantation in Windsor Township.

 2. GEORGE FREDERICH2 HAUER (HANS MIEHLL1) was born 1720 in Baden, Germany, and died 1797 in Hauertown, Pennsylvania. He married MARIA ELISABETH WENNER 1745 in Berks County, PA, daughter of NICHOLAS WINDER and ANNA MARIA. She was born 1728 in Germany, and died 1803 in Hauertown, Pennsylvania.He sailed from Amsterdam on the Ship William, arriving in Philadelphia on October 21 1737. He and his brother bought a parcel of land in Philadelphia county in 1744. In May of 1754 he owned 25 acres in Berks County. A 1767 deed shows Land granted 13 May 1767 to Frederick HOWER of Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA, yeoman, & George LILLY (brother-in-law); of the same place, yeoman, 106 lbs and 141 acres for 124 pounds in Allen Twp.

He on the Albany Tax list from 1754-1771. In 1767 he owned 98 acres, 3 horses, 2 cattles, and 3 sheep. He owned lot #306 in Indianland, Northampton.

In 1770 He bought about 181 acres in Allen township for 1624 pounds. This was in the area known as Howertown. He was an innkeeper and farmer. He appears on the Allen township taxes list after 1772. He and Elizabeth sold land to John Frederick in Allen township in 1785.

He fought in the revolutionary war and is buried in Zion's Stone Church, Kredersville, Northampton, PA. He was a private first class and fought in the following battles: Assumpick, Brandywine, Princeton, Germantown, White Marsh, Monmouth and Red Bank under Colonel Seigfried.

His will was dated 1/8/1791. He left nothing more to his sons as he had already provided for them. He leaves to his beloved wife "Mary Elizabeth one hundred pounds of good and legal money of Pennsylvania in gold or silver, of to be of the first income of my Estate after my Decease, and to of and for her own use and behoof for ever. Item I give and bequeath upon my said wife my House Clock which I possess now and three stove shares with all the pipes as they are in the house now, likewise a cow and all the kitchen furniture that she may be in need of, likewise two beds and bedstades, Further is she to have the seat and Dwelling during her natural life in the East part of the new Dwelling House where I reside now, that is the Hintermost Room and Chamber, and half of the cellar ? under the same during her life immolested, likewise Liberty to use the Garret as much as she is in need;"

Inventory of the Goods of Frederick Hauer Included:

three stoves with their pipes

2 pewter dishes and 6 pewter plates eight books

2 pairs ? and weights two tables

2 tubs wedges

4 chairs One eight day clock and case

150 feet walnut boards two beds and bedstades

6 old flower casks chest of fire shoots and tongs

spoons, teacups, saucers and earthenware axe, hoe and fork

wearing apparel one horse

one cow one stear

two flock of sheep

Among the Debts due the estate

Henry Miller 200

John Federick Hower 37

Total value 344 pounds 4 shilling and 1 pence

Exc: Wife Mary Elizabeth & son John HOWER; Issue: John Frederick; Nicholaus; John; Mary; Mentions Charles Haffey. Witness: Henneckel Hower, William Kromer (decd.) & Peter Buche.

BURIAL: Frederich HAUER b:9 Dec 1720 d: 30 Jul 1797; Stone Church Burial; Allen Twp Northampton Co, PA. Film:1305859-09; *Tombstone has Rev War Soldier Marker.

TOMBSTONE: Friederich HAUER b: 9 Dec 1720- d:3 July 1797; Wf: Mary-Elizabeth: chd: John-Frederick; John-NICHOLAS; John; & Mary. *Stone Ch. .

. PROBATE: Will: WB:3:107:1797 Friderick HOWER Allen Twp, Northampton Co, PA; Exc: Wife Mary Elizabeth & son John HOWER; Issue: John Frederick; Nicholaus; John; Mary; Mentions Charles Haffey. Witness: Henneckel Hower, William Kromer (decd.) & Peter Buche. Film:#0946457 FHL.

 TRADE: Innkeep & farmer. Resident in Allen Township, Northampton County, PA.

MAP: Frederick HAUER 1767 lot #306 Indianland, Northampton County, PA. 1996c.

 DEED: F1:157:1767 Land granted 13 May 1767 to Frederick HOWER of Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA, yoeman, & George LILLY (bil); of the same place, yeoman, 106 lbs, 141 A 124p land in Allen Twp; Witness 1 June 1767; Rec 19 June 1787; Northamptn Co, PA; Film:#0953685. *12/1996c. *[Note George Lilly & Frederick HAUER are married to WENNER sisters formerly of Albany Twp; Berks Co, PA].

TAXES 1754-1768: Frederick HAUER Tax List, Albany Twp; Berks Co, PA; p.137.

TAXES 1752: Fredrick HOWER tax list Albany Twp; Berks Co, PA.

TAXES 1756: Frederick HAUER tax list Albany Twp.

TAXES 1759: Frederick HAUER tax 2; Albany Twp; Berks Co, PA.

TAXES 1767: Frederick HAUER 98A 3h 2c 3c tax Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA; p.19*97c.

TAXES 1770-1771 Frederick HAUER tax list Albany Twp; p.273.

TAXES: 1772-1785-1786-1788 Frederick HOWER. Allen Twp; Northampton Co, PA.

WENNER, NICHOLAS; Albany 6 June 1758; 24 May 1760; To son ANDREW, the land surveyed on warrant 29 Dec 1739; Also the land surveyed on warrant 13 Dec 1750, adjoining the above. He paying to son-in-law Frederick HAUER 20 Lbs.; Provided wife MARIA. CTA to ANDREAS and Anna Maria WENNER, son and widow of Testator Witness: Henrich Ritter, Tobias Stableton, & Henrich Christ. 

1790 C: Han Fraderick HOWER 2-1-5; Allen Twp; Northampton Co, PA; p.168; C3 L20.

Notes for MARIA ELISABETH WENNER:  She was recorded as Mariliss when immigrated with her family in 1734.

Will Elizabeth HOWER: 1803 Widow of Frederick Hower now of Nazaretha Twp; Dau' Anamaria wife Michael Shortz receives all. Signed 11 Sept 1803 Elizabeth (X) HOWER; Witnesses Jonas Hartzell; William Turston; Jacob Long; Proven 12 Dec 1803; Northampton Co, PA

She is also buried in the Zion Stone Church Cemetery.

 3. JOHAN FREDERICH3 HAUER (GEORGE FREDERICH2, HANS MIEHLL1) was born 1748 in Berks County, PA, and died 1799 in Turbotville, PA. He married MARIA BARBARA HOLLENBACH?. She was born 1757 in Berks County, PA, and died 1804 in Turbotville, PA. Johann Friderich Hauer  Birth/Baptism Date: 1 Sep 1748

Location: Moselem Lutheran Church, Ontelaunee Township County: Berks

Father: Georg Frid Hauer   Mother: Mar. Elis Wener

John Frederick Hauer married Maria Barbara. They sold their property in Allen township in 1791 for 1800 pounds. and he bought 400 acres of land from Michael Freeland in Northumberland county. He moved there shortly after the fall of Fort Freeland. One of their sons was John A. Hower. Some Howers were buried on this farm. He appears on the Allen Township census in 1790 as Han Fraderick Hower.

His will was proved Oct. 14. 1801 in Turbot. Wife Barbara. Son John. Daughter Mary, wife of Tobias Shirtz. Minor daughter--Maria, Rachel and Hannah. He owned a grist mill and a saw mill. Executors wife Barbara, son John.

Fredk Hower's Will: In the Name of God Amen I John Frederick Hower of the county of Northumberland Township of Turbet & State of Pennsylvania, being in a sick & low condition, but sound in mind and memory, being also fully convinced of the uncertainty of life & the certainity death & of a state of future existence beyond the Grave; Do commit my sould into the hands of God, who gave it, & my body to the dust to be buried by my Executors in a decent, & Christian manner in the hopes of obtaining, through Christ Jesus a glorious resurection from the grave, & as to such worldly Goods as God has been please to bless me with< I order & it is my will that they be disposed of in the following manner. Imprimis it is my will that my lawful debts & funeral expenses be paid by my Executors. Item I give and bequesth unto my dearly beloved wife Barbara all my household and kitchen furniture & two milch cows to her to her heir & assignees forever. -- Item I give & bequesth unto my son John Hauer all the residue of my Estate both Real and personal to him his heirs (his mark) & assignees, forever he paying the several sums and legacies herein after ? I give and bequesth unto my daughter Mary wife of Tobias Shurtz & my daughters Maria, Rachel and Hannah each the Sum of Six hundread Pounds to paid in manner following, viz to my daughter Mary wife of Tobias Shirtz one hundred pounds to be paid by my son John Hauer, his Heirs, Extors or Adms, to my daughter Maria one hundred pounds in the seventh year as foresaid, to my daughter Rachel one hundred pounds in the eighth year as aforesaid one hundred pounds, in the ninth year as aforeaid to my daughter Hannah one hundred pounds, & one hundred pounds yearly to be paid to each of my aforesaid daughters their Heirs or assignees beginning at the oldest N& and so to the younges until the full sum of six hundred pounds each is completed & if it should so happen that any of my daughters should decease before the arive at the age of twenty one years or be married before they be twenty one years of age & have no issue they their part to be equally divided amongst my surviving daughters. -- Item I give & bequeath to my beloved wife Barbara one half of the Incomes & profits of my gristmill & saw mill for and during her natural life my sone John & her bearing an equal part of the expences in repairing the said mill's dam & race-- Item I order will & allow me son John Hauer to build or procure a comfortable house for my said wife Barbara to dwell in & to find sufficient firewood laid at the door of s. house & to pasture two mich cows & find sufficient hay for s. cows for & during her natural life.--I also hereby give full power a& authority to my herein aftermentioned Executors & the survivor of them to sell& despose of & to sign seal & deliver in due form of law any deed or dees of Conveyance for my house & lot in Milton & also for the messuage and tenement held in partnership between me & Tobias Shirtz, now in the Tenure & occupation of Michael Smith, & the monies arising from the sale of asid lands and tenemoents to be at the disposal of my son John Hauer & apply ? towards my just debts & legacies aforesd--Item, I order will & allow my son John Hauer his Heirs executors & Amds to give to each of my daughters Maria, Rachel & Hannah four years after my decease when married or when they arrive at twenty one years two milch cows & thirty pounds cash each to them their Heirs & asignees forever, over and above the several sum or sums of cash already mentioned--And I do constitute and appoint my beloved wife Barbara Hauer and my dutiful son John Hauer executors of the my last will and testament, & I do ratify, ordain & appoint this to be my last will and testament & I do herey revoke & ? Wills & Testaments by me formerly made, appointing & confirming this alone to be my last Will & Testment. In testimony where of I have here unto set my hand affixed my seal this 18th day of July in the year of our Lord 1799. Signed sealed & published.

Witnesses  James Allison John Innis John Gibbin

Notes for MARIA BARBARA HOLLENBACH?:  Her will was written October seventh 1804 and witnessed by Phillipe Metter and Henry Krips. John A. Hower and James Allsion were executors. Her final provision is that the property that is not specified left to her daughters and son John should be sold and the proceeds are to be divided equally among all her daughters with the exception "respecting Hannah as before mentioned". Perhaps there were other provisions for Hannah that resulted in her receiving the property on which the Hower Slote house was built.

 It appears that the final worth of the items to be sold was 165 plus pounds. Most were bought by family members. Alex Lock (Slott) bought her "wallnet" dining table.

Her surname is not verified. However, circumstances point to her as Johan's wife. Her father was Johannes Georg Hollenback, born 1707 in Germany and died aft. 1785 in Pennsylvania. The family arrived in this country in 1753. Anna Bos was her mother.

4. MARIA JOHANNA4 HOWER (JOHAN FREDERICH3 HAUER, GEORGE FREDERICH2, HANS MIEHLL1) was born 1790 in Allen Twp., PA, and died Aft. 1840 in St. Joseph County, Michigan. She married JAMES LOCKE SLOTE, son of ALEXANDER SLOTT and SARAH A.. He was born 1783  and died 1839 in Turbotville, PA.

 Some sources incorrectly refer to her as Suhannah.  Although there was someone by that name it was not Hannah, wife of James Slote.

Notes for MARIA JOHANNA HOWER: She was called Hannah. She appears in the 1840 and 1850 St. Jospeh County, MI federal census.


Descendants of Hans Miehll Hauer


  • 1737-1840

Fort Freeland

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Bicentennial Commemorative Program
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The story in pictures from the Bicentennial Commerative Program
  • Northampton County PA
  • 1779-1979

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