Francis Marion Daffron

Francis Marion Daffron


Died in Civil War

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FRANCIS MARION DAFFRON, b. Abt. 1838, Wayne County, KY; d. Abt.1862 Wayne County, KY.

  • Wayne County, Kentucky

Co. F,2nd Regiment Infantry KY Cav.  Enrolled 1 September 1861, Camp Burnett. Wounded in the arm and leg at Shiloh, 6 April, 1862. Discharged 24 July 1862 due to these wounds. After the Civil War this outfit became known as the "Orphan Brigade."

An interview with my Great Grandfather John Marshall Daffron regarding the Civil War and the death of his brother Francis Marion Daffron, taken by Quincy Haggard Spurlin for English Class on 20 Jan 1940.

"The horror of the Civil War was made real to me from the experiences and impressions Grandfather John M. got firsthand as a child. His father did not serve in the regular army , but was commander of the Home Guard. The Home Guard protected the women and children from the raids of the bushwhackers and scalawags. Listening for rifle shots and hoof beats on the lonely mountain roads made little John alert. One lonely dark night, he heard a faint speeding hoof beat . They came closer and closer and to the family's surprise, it was his half brother Marion who was serving as a soldier for the Rebels. Then he heard many horses coming up the mountain and they thundered up the front porch demanding Marion come with them to see a friend just up the road . Little John saw his brother leave the family group. In a short while, he heard a lone shot and the sound of the fading hoof beats. His mother and brothers found Marion shot in the back. Little John never forgot that lonesome sound and the fading hoof beats.

After the war, Grandfather Elhanon tracked down the murderers (with the help of the Masons throughout the country. Elhanon was also a Mason.) After long months of riding horseback throughout the state, he found them and brought them back for trial and they were hung. (This story or a similar story is in the Wayne County, Kentucky, History Book.)

Grandfather John and his brothers saw this hanging and they were so impressed that they went home and tried the hanging of their brother Jim. The younger brothers could not get brother Jim's weight off the ground. The noose only have him a good choking. Great Grandfather Elhanon came home and found the boys in the front yard with Jim almost hanging on the apple tree. This meant another trip to the dreaded summer house."

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