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Elda C Jubinsky

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Worked during World War II like Rosie the Riviter

  • Baltimore Maryland

Elda Anselmi was born in Monesson Pennsylvania in 1913, eldest daughter of Eurgenio and Allesandra (Dini) Anselmi.  During World War II, while working in the tin mill at Bethlehem Steel Company in Sparrow's Point, Maryland - where she and her sister and brother (Mary and Pasquale Anselmi) had gone to find work, she took a job as an auto mechanic in the Fort Holibird Army Base in Dundalk, Maryland, to help the war effort.  She was a Rosie the Riviter in that her job at the Army Base was a man's job.  Later, when Elda met John Jubinsky, an electrician at the Sparrow's Point plant, they married in 1944 and Elda gave up her jobs at the tin mill and at Fort Holabird to start a new married life.  She had three children, Juliana born July 16, 1945, John born February 17, 1947 and Monica born March 6, 1948.  She became a widow on September 15, 1960.  She died in Portland Maine - she lived with her daughter Juliana (in Sanford) - in April 1999. She wanted to live to see the year 2000 but knew she would not see it.

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