Warren Henry Taylor & Amelia Grace Wargoski Courtship and Wedding

Warren Henry Taylor & Amelia Grace Wargoski Courtship and Wedding


Description of how Warren and Amelia met and married.

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Military Wedding Prior to Active Duty Overseas

  • Pocatello, Idaho

Warren (my dad) enlisted in the US Army in Sep 1940 because he had listened to Hitler's speeches on a short wave radio that he had built from radio parts.  Dad served from 1941 to 1943 at several different Army duty stations, during which time he received radio school training, passed the 2-year college equivalency test for Navigator school, and successfully completed the rigorous navigator school training course at Monroe, Louisiana.  After graduation from navigator school in May 1943, he was given two weeks leave prior to reporting to Gowen Field in Boise, Idaho for B-17 bomber crew training.

With two weeks leave, Warren decided to come to Vermont to visit his Dad, Henry Reuben Taylor, and his sisters, Florence and  Susan.  He was now an officer (2nd lieutenant, with a new uniform, and with flying wings).  On the way to Vermont, he stopped for a day or so in West Warwick, RI, to visit with Amelia.  He did this, even though Amelia’s parents, Bopcha and Jaja, had already picked out Amelia's fiancé (Joe), who was serving as an enlisted man in Italy.

After the visit with Amelia, she began writing friendly letters all that summer every few days to Warren, who was serving from June 1943 to July 1943 at Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho, for about one month of B-17 bomber crew training.  In Sept 1943, Warren  attended staff officer combat school (practice missions, parachute school, ground school, etc.) for squadron staff in Orlando Florida.  He flew practice bombing and navigation missions for B17s in Boise Idaho and practice missions for B24s in Orlando, Florida.

After staff officer training in Florida, Warren again returned to Pocatello, Idaho, in October 1943.  Amelia was still writing friendly letters every week.  So, In October 1943, when Warren had a one week vacation leave of duty, he went to Rhode Island to visit Amelia in his military uniform, as was the military travel policy.  Dad said that when he wore his uniform, it was much easier to impress the ladies.  Apparently, the uniform policy worked its magic quite well with Amelia, since she expressed a desire to get married, which agreed well with Dad also.  But Warren needed to return back to military duty in Pocatello, Idaho.  Nonetheless, he left Amelia (my mother) enough money for train fare to Pocatello, which she could use if she decided for sure that she did want to get married.

A few weeks went by, and after the exchange of a few more letters, Amelia decided to travel by train all the way from West Warwick, Rhode Island to Pocatello, Idaho.  This was in December 1943, and contrary to her parent’s wishes.  After making marriage arrangements, Warren (Dad) and Amelia (Mother) had a military wedding on 17 Dec 1943, conducted by a chaplain in the Army Air Corps, with Captain Clarence Glen Poff serving as best man.  With a 3-day pass given to them for their honeymoon, the young couple went to Mountain Home, Idaho where they rented a hotel room to celebrate their marriage.

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