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Full Name:
Eschol L Walker 1
27 Mar 1899 1
18 Feb 1998 1
Last Residence: Canonsburg, PA 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-9180 1

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Eschol L Walker 1917 April 17 Marine Barracks, Naval Station, Olongapo, Philippines 8 Eschol L Walker 1918 December 3 Constabulary Detachment, Usmc, Port Au Prince, Republic of Haiti 2 Eschol L Walker 1919 April First Division Squadron "E", Marine Aviation Force 3 Eschol L Walker Discharged 1919 October 12th Company, Marine Barracks, Navy Yard, New York, New York 3

Eschol L Walker born March 27th 1899 in Shelby County, Alabama the son of Andrew Edward Walker and Grace LNU this family came to Alabama from Nash County, North Carolina in the early 1800's

Grandpa once told me that when he was stationed in Haiti "I was shooting bandits in the hills." He loved the military and loved that we were serving as well. He was a avid shooter and shot well into his 90's, to the end pretty much. He made his own bullets and family lore was that he was asked to make bullets professionally because he made the most accurate shells this side of the Mississippi." I believe it because when I would visit and sit with him in his workroom in the basement, I would watch him measure and load the bullets. It was not a quick process. He would also re-calibrate the opening of the shell, polish them...the whole 10-yards. Grandpa was always amazing.

I also don't understand how the SS death index has his last residence in Canonsburg, PA. He lived at home on Voelkel Ave. in Pittsburgh, PA. He had to go into a rehab place to recover from a fall but it was not a permanent residence. He never lived in Canonsburg that I know least, I know he lived in Pittsburg since the 1920's...

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