First Southern Baptist Church, Kansas City, Kansas

First Southern Baptist Church, Kansas City, Kansas


This page is a record of some of the members and history of the First Southern Baptist Church 2510 Nebraska Kansas City, Kansas 66102 This is the church that I grew up in and was a part of my family!

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  • Kansas City, Kansas

These are obituaries of former members of First Southern Baptist church that were collected and saved by my mother Virginia Irene Filer.


  • Rev James W Davis (pastor)* Rev. Kenneth L Freemyer (pastor)


    • Members
  • Esther M Anderton

  • Stella M Armstrong

  • Dana E Davis

  • Katherine Day

  • Lawrence E Farrell

  • Arthur W Foster

  • Opal N Griffin

  • Donald Hall

  • Juanita F Hall

  • Asa C Harper

  • Opal L Hawk

  • Lt Col George S Hixson

  • Keith O Leighow

  • Walter L Lindsey

  • J R Lobaugh

  • Keith Leighow

  • Margaret Malott

  • Harold E Martin

  • Joyce E McCann

  • Connie E Meier

  • Carla Jean (Wilcoxon) Moats

  • Dale O Nedrow

  • Thomas Edmond Ogden

  • Nancy J Payton

  • Ralph B Parrott

  • Don W Pearce

  • Kenneth W Reeves

  • Lois Ryan

  • Pauline D Salter

  • Kenny F Sanders

  • Laura B Sexton

  • Rudolph Sexton

  • Walter F White

  • Noma L Wilcoxon

  • Robert O Wilson Sr.

  • Elizabeth M Wilson

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