Freegift Chamberlain - Indian Spy

Freegift Chamberlain - Indian Spy


Freegift Chamberlain, brother of our great, great, great grandfather Stout Chamberlain, served as a spy during the Revolutionary War. We are able to determine from comparison of the two brothers' pension applications that they were at Fort McIntosh and Fort Laurens during the constructions of same. Freegift then went to other units serving as a spy along the Ohio River. This information makes a link and provides some interesting historical facts worth reading.

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Unmarked Grave of Freegift Chamberlain

  • South Bend, Indiana, USA

In 1939 Mr. Irvin S Morse writes to obtain information of Freegift Chamberlain.  Mr. Morse states that he is in charge of a small cemetery in South Bend, Indiana, where Freegift is buried in an unmarked grave.  He felt it important that Freegift Chamberlain receive proper care as he had been a Revolutionary War soldier.  The reader will find images from the Pennsylvania Archives attached.  Enjoy reading a little of our family history.  Although Freegift would be a great, great, great uncle and not direct, sometimes information has come to light regarding our ancestors by reaching out on a branch of our family tree.

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