08 Sep 1915 1
Emeigh, PA 2
25 Sep 1987 1
Santa Barbara, CA 2

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Full Name:
Hugh Duffy Daugherty 2
Full Name:
Hugh D Daugherty 1
Also known as:
Duffy Daugherty 2
08 Sep 1915 1
Emeigh, PA 2
Male 2
25 Sep 1987 1
Santa Barbara, CA 2
Last Residence: Santa Barbara, CA 1
Duffy Daugherty of Michigan State (3-5-1 for the season): "They tell me some of our freshmen look awfully good, but just 2
Football Coach 2
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-1020 1

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Duffy Daugherty, Michigan State football coach: "In our first three games this season we didn't have a single fumble. In our fourth, the Purdue game, we fumbled 10 times. That shows you what an extra week of coaching will do."

October 08, 1956 Bioperse: Duffy Daugherty



At forty-one, Michigan State's Hugh Duffy Daugherty is a coach in the Knute Rockne mold.... Like Rockne,Daugherty has a big grin, a gift for story-telling and an impressive habit of winning.... Duffy grew up in Barnesboro, Pa. and football was drilled into him early.... He likes to tell about his father, who started out as a coal miner and played quarterback on several club teams. "We used to practice our tackling," the elder Daughertysternly taught his son, "by diving over a coal cart after a rat. If we didn't get hold of both hind legs we weren't any good."...Duffy worked in a shirt factory, later in the mines; not until he was 21 was he able to enter Syracuse, where he starred in the line.... After time out for World War II (including 27 months in New Guinea and a Bronze Star) Daugherty hooked up with his old Syracuse line coach, Biggy Munn, succeeded Biggy at Michigan State two seasons ago.... A seemingly relaxed figure during a game, given to munching apples on the bench, Duffy is an exacting perfectionist in drills. "Growl at 'em!" he commands his linemen. After a practice that fails to satisfy him, he tells them: "Now we're going to run you, run you, run you." And up and down the field his players go, in gasping wind sprints, while Duffy cries, "Dig it! Dig it! Dig it!"...This kind of training paid off for Michigan State in their 8-1 season last year, culminated by victory in the Rose Bowl last January when Dave Kaiser, a junior end, place kicked a 41-yard field goal with seven seconds to go.... Kaiser showed up for practice this fall justifiably entitled to team admiration.

Duffy made sure his boy didn't lose perspective. "Golden Toe," Duffy saluted him. "Hey, Golden Toe, you think you can hold on to a pass?"

Michigan State's Duffy Daugherty, suffering after first shutout since 1954: "Have you heard about my new TV program? It's called Where's My Line?"


EAST LANSING, Mich. — Duffy Daugherty, who guided Michigan State's football program to national prominence and a pair of Big 10 Conference titles in 19 years, died Friday of kidney failure. He was 72.

Daugherty, who lived in Santa Barbara since 1975, died at Cottage Hospital in that city. He had been hospitalized since Aug. 23 after a long bout with heart disease.

Earlier this month, Daugherty's telegram to Spartan Coach George Perles proved to be an inspiration for the team before its 27-13 nationally televised Labor Day victory over USC.

"He was a warm person, a soft person, full of compassion," said Perles, who played and coached under Daugherty. "The poorer you were, the more help you got. The more you needed help, the more you got."

Known for his pixieish Irish wit and jovial nature, Daugherty compiled a 109-69-5 record at Michigan State and led eight teams to Top 20 finishes between 1954 and 1972.

His career was highlighted by the powerhouse teams of 1965-66, which had a combined 19-1-1 record with stars such as Gene Washington, Bubba Smith and Clint Jones.

In two Rose Bowl appearances, Daugherty's teams split with UCLA, winning, 17-14, in 1956 and losing, 14-12, in 1966.

Many fans will remember Daugherty as the coach who led the No. 2 Spartans to a frustrating 10-10 tie with top-ranked Notre Dame in the 1966 "Game of the Century."

"It's hard to believe someone that close to us is dead," said Bubba Smith, who now lives in Los Angeles. "Duff was the best at what he did. He was a caring person."

The former All-Pro defensive lineman for the Baltimore Colts said he still remembers Daugherty telling his defensive team during the Notre Dame game, "We got you seven points; now go win it."

"He was a funny man," Smith said. "He's Irish. That competitive thing would come out of him. It was infectious."

After leaving the coaching position in 1972, Daugherty remained at Michigan State as a special assistant to the vice president for development. He retired on Sept. 20, 1974, and the following year he and his family moved to the Santa Barbara area.

Nick Vista, Michigan State's sports information director, said university officials planned a ceremony to honor Daugherty during today's game against Florida State.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

1966 Rose Bowl watch and Championship Ring

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