Revolutionary War Stand-In for Charles BREEDLOVE, Caswell Co, NC

Revolutionary War Stand-In for Charles BREEDLOVE, Caswell Co, NC


Reuben Fletcher's Revolutionary War Pension file indicates that part of his service during the war was as a substitute for his brother-in-law, Charles Breedlove.

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from the research of Dawnelle Giles Loiselle

file last updated: 16 Sep 2009

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Following is some information found in the American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI) entry for Charles BREEDLOVE, born 174? in Virginia:

Volume: 18
Page Number: 147
Biographical Info: mil.
Reference: Historical reg. Of Virginians in the Rev., soldiers, saliors and
marines, 1775-1783. Ed. By John H. Gwathmey. Richmond, Va. 1938. (13, 872p.):91

[Source: Godfrey Memorial Library, comp.. American Genealogical-Biographical Index
(AGBI) [database on-line]. Middletown, CT, USA: Godfrey Memorial Library.(Viewed on paid subscription database.)]

But did Charles actually ever serve during the Revolutionary War?

Reuben FLETCHER, born 1757 in Essex Co, VA, lived in Caswell Co, NC during the period he served as a private under Captain Robert Moore's Company in Col Archibald Lytle's NC Regiment. His court record indicates that he believed he was about eighteen years old when he enlisted. Following his particpation in the Battle of Stono in South Carolina, Reuben was discharged and returned home. At some unidentified point, he volunteered as a substitute for his sister Sarah "Sally" (FLETCHER) BREEDLOVE's husband Charles BREEDLOVE's three month duty. In that capacity, he served in Col Lee's Regt, Cpt Douglas' Company and fought a skirmish against the Tories. He may have served as many as four tours for Charles because his record indicates that, "Reuben Fletcher of Buncombe in the State of North Car. ... was a pri. Regt commanded by Col. Lee in the North Car. for 12 months [sic]."  It is more likely, however, that the recording clerk erred and that Reuben's pension was for the totality of his service. My own reading of his record leads me to believe that he served nine months during a first set of enlistments and then a three-month enlistment as a substitute. I hope other family researchers will read the record and give me their analysis of it.

Reuben FLETCHER was 76 years old when he appeared before the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for Buncombe County, North Carolina, where, as of his appearance on 12 Jan 1833, he had been a resident for thirty years.

Reuben's approved Certificate of Pension was issued on 14 [May or Mar; the year is missing, but is likely 1834]. He received $80 arrears (back to 4 Mar 1833 and $20 semiannual allowance ending 4 Sep 1833. Though he affirmed that he had no discharge papers, Benjamin King, a clergyman, swore that he believed Reuben to have served in the war, and the pension was granted.

[Source: Reuben Fletcher, North Carolina service, S5408, NARA M804, Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files [online record], Accessed 19 Aug 2007.]

Charles BREEDLOVE and his wife Sarah "Sally" FLETCHER are my paternal 4th great-grandparents. Their daughter Sarah "Sally" BREEDLOVE married Francis ELLIS 21 Oct 1800 in Rutherford Co, NC.

[Source:Essex Co, Va marriage records (Wilkerson transcription); Lawrence Co, AL deeds (Breedlove excerpted transcription); Rutherford Co, NC Marriage Bonds 1779-1868.]

Research of Dawnelle Giles Loiselle. Narrative is

Copyright 2007-2008  Dawnelle Giles Loiselle

Update: A BREEDLOVE - with no mention of a first name - appears on one page of a 1778 document found in the National Archives as  "Lytle's Regiment of Levies" (Folder 18), from NARA M246, Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783. describes the film as follows:

Short Description: NARA M246. These documents include muster rolls, payrolls, strength returns, and other miscellaneous personnel, pay, and supply records of American Army units, 1775-83.
State: North Carolina
Military Org: Lytle's Regiment of Levies
Date Range: 1778
Folder: 18

I was hopeful that the page might pertain to Charles BREEDLOVE, but further exploration of the entire file confirms Reuben FLETCHER's pension file claim that he served in LYTLE/LYTTLE's regiment, as he stated. The folder also indicates that Nathan FLETCHER and Spencer BREEDLOVE both also served in the regiment. The BREEDLOVE on page 4 is actually a repetition of Spencer BREEDLOVE's name on page 3.

Here is what is the file that might interest BREEDLOVE and FLETCHER researchers:

Page 1 of the levies file reads:

18.  N.C. **Lt. Col. Archibald LYTTLE'**s Regiment. Levies. 1778."

_Capt. Robt. MOORE's Co. - 1 Pay roll. - Dec., 1778. _

_                                            - 1 Miscellaneous record."_

Pay-roll for

Capt. Ro. MOORE,


NC. line. from

May and June '78

To Aug 10, 1779.

Page 2 of the file indicates that the record pertains to Caswell County, North Carolina on 1 Dec 1778 and that it was returned to what apparently are the War Department files and "carded" on 9 Oct 1895.

Page 3's header reads, "Payrole of the mens Levies of Caswell County ...  lina [illegible - North Carolina?], now in the Service of the United [missing text?]... Colonel Archibald LYTLES taken to the first Day of December 177[illegible ending numeral - appears to be a "7", so 1777]."  The page continues, listing men by number followed by given names and surnames; ranks; commencement of pay [(?) the word "Time" has been lined through and its replacement is faint]; time paid for (in months and days); to what time paid [sic]; rate & month in "Dollers"; total amt in "Dollers"; and pounds [sterling] and shillings.  There are 62 listings on the page which is split  into  two main name columns Unfortunately, the  names of the men assigned numbers 15 and 24 are missing due to paper tears.  In the second column (right-hand side of the page), are the following men:

35 | Spencer BREEDLOVE | [Private] | May 26 | 6 [months] 5 [days] [page is truncated here but continues on page 4 of the file:] | [time paid to:] 12 | [amt in dollars is illegible] | 16 Pounds | 10 Shillings

36 | Reuben FLETCHER | [Private] | May 26 | 6 [months] 5 [days] [page is truncated here but continues on page 4 of the file:] | [time paid to:] 12 |  [amt in dollars is illegible] | 16 Pounds | 10 Shillings

37 | Nathan FLETCHER [Private] | May 26 | 6 [months] 5 [days] [page is truncated here but continues on page 4 of the file:]  | [time paid to:] 12 ] | [amt in dollars is illegible] | 16 Pounds | 10 Shillings

Page 5 contains a form note which says that the file has been investigated and that "many of the names" on the reco[rd]" show them to be from NC and related to MOORE and LYTTLE's records.

Page 6's header says the list of men on that page are men which Captain Robert MOORE mobilized for himself out of Caswell County. The page then contains a roster with men's names numbered up to 79.

Nathan FLETCHER is number 12 and has a tick mark in a column beside his number [the tick marks are not explained, but not all men have them].

Spencer BREEDLOVE is numer 13 and also has a tick mark by his number.

Reuben FLETCHER is number 15 with a tick mark.

A name that appears to be "Wiliam FLETCHER" or "THATCHER" is number 78, but there is no apparent tick mark by his number.

Research of D Giles Loiselle. Narrative copyright 2009 D Giles Loiselle.

I hope others researching the Charles and Sarah "Sally" FLETCHER BREEDLOVE family or the family of Francis and Sarah BREEDLOVE ELLIS will create a related page.


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