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The HOTTEST summer on record in Central Maryland, US so far.

This is already a RECORD BRAKING hot summer for Central Maryland. The heat index in some area's, already this summer, 2010, has reached 116.


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After going through the coldest, snowiest, Winter on record, this same area, has had it's HOTTEST,summer on record so far.

Anne Arundel Co., Maryland

This has already been the HOTTEST, summer since record keeping began here in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland.  The heat index in and around the Baltimore area in some places has already reached 116, at it's highest thus far.  Today is July, 29, 2010.  According to the local weather records, although today isn't as bad, it will become unseasonably HOT, even for this area again.

This after having our snowiest and coldest Winter "09 on record.


The HEAT SPELL, extended up into Frederick, Maryland on number occasions, which is NOT in Anne Arundel Co., MD.

HEAT RECORD, Baltimore and Frederick, Maryland as well.

Baltimore, MD, Frederick, MD

Thus far it has already beaten all previously records for heat in the Baltimore City and Frederick, Maryland.  And, today is July 29, 2010.

Tri-State area, WV. Sept., 2010




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Began in June:
Today is July 29, and it has cooled down from a heat index in some nearby area's around and in Baltimore of 116. 1
Also known as: Central Maryland's hottest year on record, already. 2
Category: Weather. 2
Name: Heat Wave 2

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  1. Myself, and local news for Baltimore and surrounding area's. — Contributed by llighthse
  2. Myself, begin here the local news, Baltimore and surrounding area's. This is Anne Arundel Co., MD — Contributed by llighthse

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