Ambrose Bull, Circa 1750

Ambrose Bull, Circa 1750


The life and times of a North Carolina militiaman.

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N.C. Patriots Join Conflict to Gain Freedom

  • North Carolina

In 1778, patriotic pioneers of the North Carolina teritories joined the forces of American rebels in their fight for freedom.  Young and old alike made their wishes known that they will not stand for the oppressive actions of the British government against a people who work hard and take risks with their lives to build the new world while not having representation in government legislation.

Many left behind their families, farms and businesses to join the North Carolina Militia. Among those brave souls were the likes of Ambrose and Micajah Bull. These brothers were the sons of Robert and Rachel T. Bull.  Their grandparents were Thomas and Susannah Bull.

According to Brunswick County, Virginia court records, Thomas Bull immigrated to the new colonies from England in 1721.  During those times, new colonists were mandated to provide their allegiance to the king in documented court records. In 1751, Thomas provided his necessary allegiance reporting that he came to the new world from England some 30 years prior to that date.  Either he or the court neglected to record the ship name and port of origin from Great Britain.

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