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Printing Images

Printing of images and documents can be done in two ways:

  • From the Viewer
  • Downloading and printing from your computer

Printing from the Viewer 

To print from the Viewer, click on the Print button in the toolbar.

If you do not see the Print button, look for a ">>" symbol on the right side of the toolbar. Click on the ">>" and you'll see the Print option.

A printout will show the entire image and include the date printed and a URL to easily find the document again.

Downloading and printing

If you want to crop, edit or enhance your document before printing, download it to your computer:

  1. Click the "Download" button in the Viewer.
  2. Select where you want to download it
  3. If needed, change the filename but keep the ".jpg" at the end
  4. Click Save.
  5. Then open the file in your favorite program and print 

Uploading Images

Adding your own images to Footnote is easy, free and a great way to preserve and share historical photographs or documents.

Once you've uploaded something you can use Footnote's tools to add annotations and comments or create Spotlights and Story Pages using your images.

Uploading an image:

1. Sign in to your account, or, if you don't have one, create a free basic membership
2. Click the "Gallery" link in the upper right area of the site.
3. Click the "Upload images to your Gallery" button on the right side of the grey bar at the top of the Gallery page.
4. Click the "Browse" button and find the images on your computer that you'd like to upload. You can upload up to 5 images, or 10 MB, at a time, so if you have more than one image to upload, click the browse button again and find the next image.
5. When you've ready, click the "Start Uploading" button and your images will be added to your Gallery.

Once the images are in your Gallery you can edit their names and add descriptions. The more detail you provide the easier it will be for people to find what you've added.

Annotating Images

Annotations are labels attached to parts of an image or document. On Footnote you can add annotations about People, Places, Dates or Text.

How to create an annotation

  1. With your image In the Viewer, click the "Annotate" button in the toolbar. 
  2. Select the area by dragging the handles on the selection box and choose type of annotation (Person, Place, Date or Text) you are adding.
  3. Enter what you see and click "Save"

Benefits of Annotations 

  • Make images more findable. Your annotations make documents and images much more findable. Every annotation contributed is searchable within seconds. This makes your discoveries useful to everyone.
  • Contribute to History. You, in a sense, become part of history. Imagine being the first to annotate a document signed by George Washington more than 200 years ago. Every other person who then finds that piece of history will have you to thank.
  • Make your uploads more popular. The more you annotate the more likely it is that people with similar interests and content to share will find you.
  • Let people find you. Your annotations link to your Profile making it easy for interested Members to contact you.
  • Help decipher handwriting. Annotations provide a great way to make difficult to read handwriting readable by all.


Spotlights let you quickly to show off an interesting image - or a portion of an image - for discussion.

To create a Spotlight from the Viewer, click on the "Spotlight This" button and add a Title and, optionally, a brief description about what makes that particular image interesting.

Titles and descriptions can be edited at anytime.

Clicking on the arrow (to the right of the "Spotlight This" button) gives you an option to select a portion of the image or see other Spotlights that have been created with that image.

Your Spotlights are open to Member comments.

Story Pages

Story Pages are an easy way to both share your ideas and attach related documents to them. You can make as many as you like.

They do not require any knowledge of HTML, CSS or Javascript.

Use Story Pages for:
%u2022 Highlighting interesting finds on Footnote.
%u2022 Keeping notes on your research for you and friends.
%u2022 Share your personal experiences and observations.
%u2022 Write a biography or memorial for a favorite person.
%u2022 Share your expertise with a "How to..." page

To create a Story Page either click on the Pages tab or click on your Pages link and select "Start yours now".

What you might not know about Story Pages 

  •  You can add as many images from your Gallery to a page as you want by clicking "Choose Images".
  • When All-Access Members invite friends to view a page they have created, those friends can view every image  - even Premium ones.

For now, all Story Pages are published and viewable by all.

See examples of recent Story Pages.

Leaving a Comment

Comments are an easy way to add your thoughts to a conversation.

Comments can be added to:

  • Images in the Viewer
  • Story Pages
  • Spotlights

On Story Pages it is common to add comments to your own pages as a way to add extra details about the story you have written.

What makes for a good Comment?

  • It starts interesting discussions
  • It provides helpful tips, information or suggestions
  • It is specific and constructive in its criticism
  • It is respectful and encourages more discussion

Your Profile

Your Profile Page displays your contributions to Footnote and a little bit about you and your interests.

You can:

  • Allow people to send you an email without having to share your email address.
  • Specify your location
  • Share your interests in About Me 

Your Profile Page shows all:

  • Annotations you have made
  • Story Pages you have created
  • Spotlights you have created
  • Uploaded images
  • Your comments

Your Contribution Score shows the total number of these contributions that you've done.

Your Account Settings

Your Account Settings page is private and can not be accessed by other Members.

 Go to Your Account when you need to:

  • Change your Member name, password or email address.
  • Change your  Subscription settings
  • Change Communication Settings
  • See Story Pages you have Bookmarked
  • See invitations to your Story Pages you have sent
  • Get HTML code to put a Your Footnote Card on your blog


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