21 May 1902 1
Jan 1980 1

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Full Name:
Stephen Stemboroski 1
21 May 1902 1
Jan 1980 1
Last Residence: Collingswood, NJ 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: New Jersey 1
Last Payment: Camden, NJ 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-1327 1

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310thBomb Group, Capt. Stephen Stembrowski, B-25's MTO


310thBG,381stBS, Capt. Stephen Stemboroski was an Officer who flew Combat Mission with the 310th arriving on CORSICA but flying his 1st Mission out of the new base at FANO, Italy.


Steve Stemboroski = S Stemboroski 06/23/2009................................ Lived to be 77 and passed at Collingswood, NJ.

Hello. I believe the 1st Lt S Stemboroski you mention is the late Captain Steve Stemboroski of Camden NJ, who helped raise me. I'm fascinated by your saying 'strangely'. Any info on that, or anything related to him, would be most appreciated. Thank you.



Mr Tonini,
according to the Maxwell AFB reels, i was wrong in my previous message, your Father arrived at Ghisonaccia-Gare Corsica the 1st of April 1945 with several Officers, 1st Lt George A . Mattmiller, 2nd Lts Floyd K Anderson, Edwin E Belding, Hector D Blair, Merle R Cox, Gaston J Cullen, James J Diblasio, Edward H. Knapp, Alfred T Leonard, Frederick I. Livaich, Ronald W Madley, George W Mooney, Max E Mulhollan, Marcus J. Muller, Leslie Myles, Richard F.Shantz, Eddie F Schmidt, Ernest T Smith, William H Smith, Homer N Stephenson, Elmore W. Tonini, Wendell H Wiser and William W Woods. The 7th of April the 310th personnel started its departure to Fano in Italy.
The last mission from Ghisonaccia- Gare (Corsica) took off the 6th of April 1945, the next missions took off from Fano Italy, the first one was the 8th of April, the 9th of April your Father was the copilot of the 1st Lt J Wood, the Bombardier was the 2nd Lt L.V Bates, the Radio Gunner S/Sgt J.J Osochowsky, the Gunner S/Sgt E.J Dobrowolski and strangely the tail gunner was a 1st Lt S Stemboroski.
The B-25 was the 43-36133.
The 10th of April he flew two missions etc.
Dominique Taddei

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