Have now penetrated brick wall.

Have now penetrated brick wall.


Have now penetrated brick wall and determined NAME of the FATHER of my GG-GFather, Oliver O. Braxton, Sr. I continue the search to prove family tree. As of now my main trunk of tree is: MYSELF: William Curtis Braxton, Jr. - FATHER: William Curtis Braxton, Sr. - GFATHER: Ezekiel William Braxton - GG-GFATHER: Oliver O. Braxton, Sr. - GGG-GFATHER: John Braxton - GGGG-GFATHER: Thomas Braxton - GGGGG-GFATHER: William Braxton, 1720/1771.

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TITLE: How brickwall was penetrated

  • Pace, Fl.

For many years the brickwall could not be penetrated by myself and several other searchers in trying to determine name of FATHER of my GG-GFather Oliver O. Braxton, Sr. and his only brother: Walter Holland. A very old and faded copy of an entry into the family bible of John Braxton was found indicating that he was Father of both Oliver and Walter -  and their Mother was  listed as Sarah Pyle. The Father of John was Thomas Braxton, and his father was William Braxton, 1720/1771.  NOTE: Record of William was found where he appeared in Chatham County, NCarolina in 1740, and lived there until death in 1771.  Search continues to determine where he was born in 1720, and his whereabouts until his entry into Chatham County in 1740.

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