Henry Thomas Harrison

Henry Thomas Harrison


During the early morning hours of June 28, 1863, Union General George Gordon Meade was appointed commander of the Army of the Potomac while at his headquarters near Frederick, Md.

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Longstreet Scout

    Henry Thomas Harrison, son of Henry Hargrove Harrison and Rebecca Pearson Harrison, was born near Nashville in April of 1832.

    Henry Thomas Harrison was identified by historian James O. Hall as the long elusive scout for CSA General James Longstreet during the Civil War.

    H. T. Harrison married Laura Broders on 9/28/1863 in Washington, D.C. They had two daughters, Elizabeth (Bessie), born 11/6/1864 who married Benjamin Franklin Kagay Jr., and Mary Irene, born 7/27/1866, who married John H. Riggs on 11/25/1886 and, following Riggs' death on 3/29/1892, married James Robert Beattie on 8/1/1893. H. T. Harrison died on October 28, 1923 at Covington, KY.

    Henry Thomas Harrison, a Confederate spy, supplied Generals Longstreet and Lee with details about the advancing Union army. Based solely on that information, Lee ordered his dispersed army to move immediately towards a small crossroads town in south-central Pennsylvania. Thus was the beginning of the historic three-day battle known as Gettysburg.

    We can only imagine what might have happened if Harrison had failed in his mission but it is a fact that he did change the course of history.

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