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Why Library?


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Nicknames. Or how elementary school scars you for life.

  • Bellingham, WA USA

I love reading. Growing up without a TV there isn't much to distract you from a world of fascinating literature. However, like all things, literature is never appreciated by all. Specifically numerous students of a 3rd grade class.

When I say I love reading I mean it. Usually I would read a book a day. Not a Dr. Seuss book but a hefty (by 3rd grade standards) 100 to 150 page book. I would read during class. I already knew what they were teaching so rather than drool on the desk I would learn more. I read nonfiction as readily as fiction. Other students took notice and since I was in the library often (and my last name starts with an L) They nicknamed me Library.

I was fine with the nickname up until it became derisive. Then it got old. As pathetic as it sounds even 3rd graders need companionship. So what did I do? Nothing. I read more books to forget. Sort of like drinking away your sorrows, on a 3rd grade level.

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11 Jan 2007
12 Jan 2007
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