The Turners of South Carolina who fought in the Revolution and Their Descendants

The Turners of South Carolina who fought in the Revolution and Their Descendants


George Turner and his son James Turner, Sr. who lived in The Old 96 District of Spartanburg County, South Carolina were Revolutionary War Patriots and my ancestors.

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Researching My Turner Ancestors

The first known Turner ancestor in my family is George Turner who was born in 1738 and died in 1804.  George was married to Hannah Middleton and they had one son, James Turner.  Hannah died sometime before their son James was twelve years old.  In the mid 1750's George and his son, James, moved from Culpepper County, Virginia and settled in the Spartanburg 96th district of South Carolina.  George Turner owned land in the wilderness by the Pacolet river near Coulter Ford.

To date, I have not discovered Hannah Middleton's family line and would welcome any information on her Middleton connections.

George Turner married a second time to Nancy Ann Anderson and they had six children, Henry, Richard, Samuel, Phebe, Sallie and Betty.

George Turner and his son James were both active in the Revolutionary War.  The South Carolina Roster of Revolutionary War Soldiers includes the following notation:

Turner,  George     S6283         Bl Wt 2228-300-Capt

b. 1738      d. 16 March 1804           M. I. Hannah Middleton   2. Ann Anderson

On 17 June, 1775 he became a second lieutenant in the First Regiment and on 16 May, 1776, he was a first lieutenant.  He became a captain on 28 April 1777 and was taken prisoner at the fall of Charleston.  Before being exchanged, he served as an aide-de-camp and deputy commissary of prisoners.

Copies of Stub Entries to indents Issued in Payment of Claims against South Carolina Growing out of the Revolution  Book X- Part I  was published in Marion's Men by William Willis Boddie.  No-1631  LIb X} Issued the 26th of January 1786 to Mr. George Turner for Two Pounds two shillings & ten pense Ster: for Provisions for the Militia in 1780 as __ account passed by the Commissioners.    Principal 2.2..10 1/4 Pounds, Int 2..11 Pounds.

A scout during the Revolutionary War, James Turner, Sr., served one hundred thirty-four days in the militia during 1779, 1781 and 1782 under Capt. Turner and Col. Winn. After the fall of Charleston, he was under Col. Brandon.  Like his father, James Turner was also one of the 2500 men listed has having served with the "Swamp Fox," General Francis Marion.

Boddie's book, Marion's Men, includes two entries for James Turner.  No-912 Lib X} Issued the 5 October 85 to James Turner for one pound Eleven & Eleven pence for a Rifle Gun for the Militia per A/c Audited.  Principal 1--11--11 1/2 pound Annual In 0..2--2- pounds.

No. 608 Book Q}  Issued the 30 of May 1785 to Mr. James Turner for Nineteen Pounds ten Shillings and One Penny Sterling for 134 Days duty in the Militia in 1779-1781 and 1782 and for Sundries for Militia use as p. Account Audited _______ Principal 19--10--1 pounds.      Annual Interest __ 1__7__3.

James Turner, Sr. was born in 1753 and died in 1825.  He owned land on the Pacolet River, near Coulter's Ford near where his father settled.  James was married to Margaret Headen and they were the parents of the following children:  William b. 1789, Middleton b. 1790, Samuel b. 1792, Mary b. 1793, Ann b. 1795, Elizabeth b. 1797,  Edward b. 1800, Tamer b. 1804, James Turner, Jr. b. 1811.

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