A Step back in time to Mackinac Island

A Step back in time to Mackinac Island


History is ablaze at Mackinac Island where the past reins. No cars, just horses and carriages and bicycles. The French, the Indians, and soldiers at Ft. Mackinac

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Arriving on MacKinac Island

  • Mackinac Island, Michigan, USA

After parking the car at the Arnold Ferry Line dock, we made our way to the waiting area for the ferry.  Beautiful blue water and blue skies with delightful cool temperatures. Sea gulls were welcoming us from the dock. In the distance we could see the round island of Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw, with the "c" silent) ; also visible was the Mackinac Island Bridge and I-75 where every Labor day they gather to walk across the bridge.

Ferry boats arrive every half hour to take passengers to the island.  A very nice ride on the ferry.  There are different ferry lines but we chose the Arnold Ferry that has been at Mackinac since the beginning.

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