abt 1768 1
Addison, Vermont 1
1845 1
Flowerfield Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan 1

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Personal Details

abt 1768 1
Addison, Vermont 1
Male 1
1845 2
Flowerfield Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan 2
Cause: unknown 2
Place: Saint Joseph, Michigan 1
From: Spring, 1833 1
To: 1845 1
Place: Cornwall, Addison County, Vermont 3
From: 1800 3
Mother: Irene Spencer 1
Father: Nathan D Ingraham 1
04 Feb 1801 2
Cornwall, Addison County, Vermont 2
Elizabeth (Betsy) Day 2
Spouse Death Date: 08 Oct 1867 2
War of 1812 Service:
Martindale's (VT) Reg. 4

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Ingraham history in Cornwall, Vermont

Cornwall, Addison County, Vermont

Taken from History of Addison County, Vermont. Chapter 19 covers the History of the town of Cornwall. The town charter was granted in 1761.The following is an excerpt from page 420;

"What settlements and clearing of land had been effected before the inroads of the British, Tories, and Indians had begun, were almost entirely obliterated before the close of the Revolutionary War. Immediately upon the declaration of peace in 1783, however, the fugitive settlers hastened back to their deserted and wasted farms, and began anew the building up of homes and communities, little dreaming of the future greatness of the nation whose foundations they were laying deep and strong.


At this time, Orange Throop settled and built a house in the northeast part of the town on teh old discontinued farm road from Middlebury, about sixty rods south of the location of Samuel Blodget. School-house No. 1, according to the first division of the town into school districts in 1787, stood nearly opposite his house. Samuel Ingraham settled about sixty rods further south on the west side of the road in 1786, and Mathew Lewis located a little southwest of him at the same time, but afterward removed to the northwest part of the town, where he died. Samuel Ingraham was an active soldier in the Revolutionary War, and enjoyed the esteem and confidence of his fellow townsmen in Vermont.

On page 428;

"In 1783 Thomas Hall pitched several hundred acres, including the present farm of William Wright. His son David settled southwest from his dwelling. He sold fifty acres of his land in 1791 to Nathan Ingraham, afterwards owned by Pitts Ingraham. Elisha Hurlbut bought a lot of Hall in 1795, and in 1798 sold to John Boynton. William Wright is a grandson of Pitts Ingraham, Mrs. J. K. Wright being a daughter; S. C. Parkhill and Mrs. H. J. Manchester are also his grandchildren."


The 1800 Census lists Daniel Ingraham living next to Nathan Ingraham. The following is from the 1800 Census; Living in the household with Daniel are 1 Free White Male, of 16 and under 26, and 1 Free White Female, of 16 and under 26. Nathan Ingraham shows 1 Free White Male of 45 and up, 1 Free White Female of 10 & under 16, and 1 Free White Female of 45 & up.

The 1800 Census would read: Daniel and Betsey Ingraham, ages abt. 32 and 20, respectively (Daniel's age may be wrong in this census.) Nathan Ingraham, next door, may be Nathan D Ingraham, Daniel's father, living with Irene (Spencer) Ingraham, ages abt. 49 and 57, respectively (Irene's age may also be incorrect.) The girl living with Nathan is probably one of Daniel's sisters, but I do not have the names of his siblings. Pitts Ingraham, mentioned in the story elsewhere on this page, is implied to be one of Daniel's brothers, although he might be a cousin; the Samuel Ingraham mentioned above is Nathan D's brother, and may be Pitts' father. Nathan D's father, also named Nathan, married Mary Pitts. Daniel and Irene had seven sons and two daughters; they are, oldest to youngest: Nathan Spencer Ingraham (d. 1809), Joseph Pitts Ingraham, Daniel Norman Ingraham, Nathan Spencer Ingraham (b. 1809--yes, the second son by that name), Marie Ingraham, Milo Ingraham, Alvin H Ingraham, Martha Ann Ingraham, Lysander S Ingraham.

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