Operation Desert Storm

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Gulf War


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Operation Desert Shield

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One of the aircraft carriers deployed to the Red Sea during the Persian Gulf War.
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Operation Desert Shield is the name given to the military operation with the objective of protecting Saudi Arabia from invasion by Iraq.

By August 8, the United States had already mobilized two naval battle groups to the region: the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower carrier group and the USS Independence carrier group.  48 F-15s were also sent to Saudi Arabia to begin patrols to discourage invasion by Iraqi forces.

The United States also dispatched two battleships to the region, the USS Missouri and the USS Wisconsin.

  • 7 August 1990

Operation Desert Storm

Operation Desert Storm was the name given to the military operations against Iraq's forces.  It included Operation Instant Thunder (the air campaign) and Operation Desert Sabre (the ground campaign).

Operation Instant Thunder

The air campaign began at 2:10 am Baghdad time.

  • 17 January 1991

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