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Parker Hays 1
Age in 1860: 50 1
S Carolina 1
Male 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1810 1
Place: St Helena Parish 2
Place: St Helena County, Louisiana 1
From: 1852 2
From: 1860 1
To: 1865 2
Minor Civil Division: The Parish 1

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GR, GR GRANDFATHER, PARKER. FATHER OF ROBERT AND PALMYRA HAYS. ST HELENA PARISH. HUSBAND OF ELIZA REDMAN HAYS, 1852 = HUSBAND OF RACHEL DYKES, FATHER OF JOHN A., JOHN WESLEY, DANIEL, EDWARD, MARY, SARAH, FANNY, DELPHINE, ROBERT AND PALMYRA. Parents were John Hay(e)s and Mary Levicy(Sutton) and one known sibling, William. John Hays' will was recorded in St Tammany Parish, Louisiana about 1838 naming Parker and William as the only living heirs. I do not know the exact date of their death but both Mary and John died by that year. Parker Hays died in August of 1868 and his will was recorded in St Helena Parish, Louisiana.

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