Restore the Ancestors Indexing Project: SC Estate Inventories

Restore the Ancestors Indexing Project: SC Estate Inventories


Help index all surviving Charleston, SC Estate Inventories, 1732-1872 and Bills of Sale, 1773-1872, for a FREE Footnote collection! This remarkable collection contains the name of every slave ever listed in a surviving estate inventory for Charleston, SC from colonial times to Emancipation. Many of the post-Civil War inventories list the names of former slaves as well. You can help index this FREE collection, to make the records searchable on Footnote and Internet search engines such as Google. Your contribution will make an enormous difference in making these records accessible.

Indexing Project: Charleston, SC Estate Inventories, Bills of Sale

    We are pleased to announce an exciting project to index Colonial and Charleston, SC estate inventories from 1732-1872, and bills of sale from the same period, for a FREE collection on Footnote!

    When the project is complete, the names of more than 30,000 enslaved ancestors will be preserved for generations to come.

    You can help index this free collection to make it searchable. Here is how it will work: we will index one microfilm at a time, as we complete each film the entire film will be posted in this free collection, and will be fully searchable. When we finish indexing a film, Footnote will post the next film for us to index, until all of the films are indexed.

    So we in the volunteer community will literally determine the pace at which these records roll out. Pretty neat, on large indexing projects you index records and know that they will be rolled up at some time in the future, but this project works in real time, as we finish them, they are released.

    To sign up to volunteer, please CLICK HERE, fill in the sign up form, and we will contact you to show you how to get started. Don't worry, we'll teach you everything you need to know to index records to make them searchable.

    Each record you index will be searchable on Footnote, and will also appear in Internet searches on Google and other search engines, so your contribution will make an enormous difference in making these records accessible to the research community.

    Thank you so much for volunteering to restore the ancestors to the light of history!

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