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Space Shuttle


The Space Shuttle, also known as the Space Transportation System (STS), has been in service since 1981 and is scheduled to be retired in 2010.


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STS-001 Mission Patch
STS-001 Mission Patch
Space Shuttle Columbia
Space Shuttle Columbia
The space shuttle Columbia prior to its first launch.
Launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia
Launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia
The launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia on April 12, 1981.
Space Shuttle Enterprise
Space Shuttle Enterprise
The first non-launch flight of the Space Shuttle Enterprise took place on the top of a shuttle carrier aircraift. The second flight, pictured here, shows the Enterprise flying free.
Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
A modified Boeing 747 carrying the space shuttle Atlantis. NASA uses this and one other 747 to ferry space shuttles across the country, when needed.

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Space Shuttle Atlantis:
Designation: OV-104 1
First Flight: 03 Oct 1985 1
Last Flight: 14 May 2010 1
Name: Atlantis 1
Purpose: Space flight. 1
Space Shuttle Challenger:
Designation: OV-099 2
First Flight: 04 Apr 1983 2
Last Flight: 28 Jan 1986 2
Name: Challenger 2
Purpose: Space flight. 2
Space Shuttle Columbia:
Designation: OV-102 3
First Flight: 12 Apr 1981 3
Last Flight: 16 Jan 2003 3
Name: Columbia 3
Purpose: Space flight. 3
Space Shuttle Discovery:
Designation: OV-103 4
First Flight: 30 Aug 1984 4
Last Flight: 05 Apr 2010 4
Name: Discovery 4
Purpose: Space flight. 4
Space Shuttle Endeavour:
Designation: OV-105 5
First Flight: 07 May 1992 5
Last Flight: 08 Feb 2010 5
Name: Endeavour 5
Purpose: Space flight. 5
Space Shuttle Enterprise:
Designation: OV-101 6
First Flight: 15 Feb 1977 6
Last Flight: 26 Oct 1977 6
Name: Enterprise 6
Purpose: Test atmospheric flight. 6
Space Shuttle Pathfinder:
Date: 1977 7
Designation: OV-098 7
Mission: Test simulator. 7
Name: Pathfinder 7

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