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09 Aug 1959 1
10 Mar 2009 1
Place: Anaheim, CA 1

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  1. Contributed by MarkWoods212


Joanne, I felt as though I could never begin to repay you for helping me to find the "love of my life". It was you who introduced me to Scott and out of it came two wonderful boys who are the pride and joy of my life. I cherish the week we spent together, the "girl-talks", painting your toenails, and "sneaking twizzlers"! All the while, in my heart, I kept thinking, how does such a sweet spirit deserve to go through such pain and suffering? We had the kind of friendship that you could go a couple of years without hearing from each other and then pick up right where we left off as if time stopped for a brief period. I can't begin to describe how much I cherish the gift of being able to spend an entire week with you. I just wished I had known sooner what was going on so that it would have been weeks instead of just one. Your compassion, your positive attitude, and the "I know what you mean" smiles between us will forever be remembered.. I laugh at how innocent we were when we signed up for "that" class at Fullerton Community college and how we looked at each other and knew that this was the absolute LAST time we'd go again! I miss you, I miss the times that we could have had when life just seemed to fly by. You, my dear friend, will always and forever be in my heart... I so miss you :(

aunt Joanne was the sweetest person i ever knew.....she was always there for everyone and always put others in front of her self

A woman I married 30 years ago. So in love we were. How deeply I miss her today. Not any woman but a woman who's love for life seemed never ending. She faced life as she faced death with a will to do it her way. A fantastic lover, mother, and companion. Too little said but very heart breaking to remember and write down it it all, totally breaks my heart. I will love you forever, God bless you.

Hope you and Scott and all our other beloved ones are celebrating this blessed season together... Give Scott a big hug for me!

Miss you....

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